Today Microsoft announced Windows Insider Program for Business users at Ignite Australia conference.

The Windows Insider Program for Business is all new effort to help organizations, and to improve its development process for companies around the world. And this will eventually expand to many companies.

But here’s another big thing, during the presentation When Bill Karagounis opened up the event to a Q&A session at that time someone asked him “What’s the direction for the [Windows 10] Mobile component of the Insider Program?” The news is in the answer of it. He stated:

We’ve been flighting Mobile builds now for– actually, since the November Update in 2015. We do not plan to change that, or to stop that.

And you’ll see – today, we are still flighting Mobile builds, subject to quality, subject to those release promotion criteria, and we fully expect to keep doing that beyond the release of the Creators Update.

Now respecting these words we are so sure that Windows 10 Mobile do have a bright future. However it’s in bad condition right now. But maybe after the Windows 10 Creators Update company will more focus on the Windows 10 Mobile. In addition Karagounis also said that there are no plans to stop releasing new Mobile builds!

Maybe this could lead us to the light weight of Windows 10 version or a new Windows 10 Mobile (Surface Phone? Eh?). Are you still using Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know in a comment below.

And here it’s worth to mention that the Microsoft scheduled Windows 10 Creators Update to April 2017. We will soon get the exact date from the company. Stay tune to Windows Latest for more updates.

Source : Neowin

  • Peter Hernandez

    Love my L 950

  • Bjørn Andreassen

    I will soon switched to Android.

  • I have a love hate relationship with my Lumia 950XL. There are so many things that it does brilliantly and I still prefer it over iOS and Android, however there are still major areas that need to be addressed. They need a better continuum experience and they also need to do more with Edge browser as a couple of examples. If they could get the browser to do the heavy lifting off apps then it would solve a lot of problems eg it needs flash and needs to be able to send notifications from websites. Battery drain is also an issue with Win 10 mobile. Even with the XL I am reaching for the battery charger on a number of times per day even with medium use.

  • RJP

    I really want Window phones to succeed. However I fear that Microsoft themselves have given up on the platform. This concerned me enough in fact to start a petition urging Microsoft to support its own store by at the minimum giving us a decent personal finance app. . I fear the worst for Microsoft if it doesn’t figure out a way to succeed in mobile.

  • Shashank Mishra

    Still love the platform, but it’s just not feasible anymore for me to continue on Windows. Switched to Android last week. Redmi Note 4.

  • You might be correct. It may be due to screen resolution of 950XL as I noticed the phone doesn’t get hot if running Spotify or Groove and the screen is locked (off)