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So, even now Microsoft confirming that the Windows Phone is not dead. Actually they didn’t made any statement nor launched a new Windows Phone device. But they are saying it indirectly.

Actually the news is Microsoft just published 2 job vacancies on Microsoft Careers website for the Windows Devices Group’s Windows Mobile team. The company is looking for a Senior Program Manager, and a Program Manager to lead the Windows Mobile team. Why all of sudden?

In simple words the answer is the Windows Phone is not dead, and it do have a great future ahead. As per the description of the job they are looking for someone who “justify and prioritize the feature set against the vision and strategy”. No offence that’s obvious, but one of the biggest thing I find in that description is that the “Program manager would have to work with the hardware team along with other partners in company”. “The hardware team”.

The statement is pretty clear to me. The hardware team means that Microsoft must be working on a new Windows Phone for a long time. While in other hand the job description for Program Manager is quite different, and it mostly related to the security and enterprise.

So the bottom line is that hiring new program managers for the Windows Mobile team is certainly quite interesting. And like we all know that the Microsoft is working on major improvements for Continuum and it is expected to arrive with Windows 10 Redstone 3.

Will the new Program manager lead company to CEO Satya Nadella’s Ultimate Mobile device vision? What you think about it? Let us know in a comment below.

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