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So, even now Microsoft confirming that the Windows Phone is not dead. Actually they didn’t made any statement nor launched a new Windows Phone device. But they are saying it indirectly.

Actually the news is Microsoft just published 2 job vacancies on Microsoft Careers website for the Windows Devices Group’s Windows Mobile team. The company is looking for a Senior Program Manager, and a Program Manager to lead the Windows Mobile team. Why all of sudden?

In simple words the answer is the Windows Phone is not dead, and it do have a great future ahead. As per the description of the job they are looking for someone who “justify and prioritize the feature set against the vision and strategy”. No offence that’s obvious, but one of the biggest thing I find in that description is that the “Program manager would have to work with the hardware team along with other partners in company”. “The hardware team”.

The statement is pretty clear to me. The hardware team means that Microsoft must be working on a new Windows Phone for a long time. While in other hand the job description for Program Manager is quite different, and it mostly related to the security and enterprise.

So the bottom line is that hiring new program managers for the Windows Mobile team is certainly quite interesting. And like we all know that the Microsoft is working on major improvements for Continuum and it is expected to arrive with Windows 10 Redstone 3.

Will the new Program manager lead company to CEO Satya Nadella’s Ultimate Mobile device vision? What you think about it? Let us know in a comment below.

  • njsokalski

    Hopefully whoever they end up with can help speed up the approach of Surface Phone! I (and many other people) have been looking forward to it for a long time, but it keeps getting delayed. I love Windows Phone (although I am still using Windows Phone 8.1 because I couldn’t afford a new device for Windows 10 Mobile), but they do need to find some way to convince the big commercial businesses to make versions of their apps for Windows Phone. I can’t deny the fact that it is very frustrating always hearing phrases like “on your mobile device” and “get our app for your phone” when what they really mean is something like “get our app for your iPhone or Android”.

    • Gavin Wardrope

      I don’t think it’s being delayed unfortunately. I think it’s false press that keeps the rumor alive. Microsoft just don’t know how to push the Windows phone forward. I would guess that they have no internal development of a phone device now. I say this because they have killed the platform by not releasing phones in the meantime. And there’s no coming back now. They would know that. How is anyone going to trust them to keep a mobile platform alive, after letting it die over the past couple of years.

      All they had to do was release a midrange and high-end phone in 2016 to stay in the game, and they didn’t. It’s over for Microsoft in the mobile space I’m sad to say.

  • zunelander

    Anything is possible!

  • Marshall

    I disagree with Gavin. Microsoft is doing their own thing. They really don’t have to answer to anybody. They’ve always made great products. Will continue to do so. Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing “not enough apps!”. Windows by itself, is still a better experience than Android and iPhone. However, I say that not ever using an iPhone, and having only a year experience with Android, and, also never needing anything better than Windows. So I really can’t Criticize the others. If you’re happy with whatever operating system you have, How does it give you the right to criticize another, or the people who use them? Stop the hate, enjoy your own ride and move on. I find it strange how many Android and iPhone users that I do know, are waiting in the shadows for the next great Windows Phone. Why? I believe there is a strong silent majority that believe in the same, that have experienced the same.
    Meanwhile, Windows Phone users should remain patient, enjoy the ride, focus on what’s more important…Life.
    Yep, this is Marshall and that was my 3 AM rant. Goodnight everybody!

    • Ironyman

      I half agree with you Marshall. I agree Windows is not dead. They are the computer giant and while people think that means they can do anything anytime they want, it doesn’t. They have their priorities and it isn’t messing around with the phone market. It’s maintaining their stronghold in the computer world and keeping their software at the top for businesses and personal users alike. That said, they don’t have enough time to mess around with phones to try and crack an already seriously competitive market. If they start making the smartphone market shift into a portal pc in your pocket, where you can plug into any monitor and tv, or better yet do that wirelessly or with Bluetooth, then they will automatically have an edge again, since they have the most preferred and affordable computer on the market. Yes I own a Mac, yes I love it. Yes I own an iPhone. Yes I love it. However, statistics show that most people who go to Mac eventually go back to pc for whatever the reason. Also, the iPhone is dominant in the USA, but not the world. The world uses Android. Windows can get into the mix, but is waiting until they’ve better developed their software and refined the pocket pc experience. They already have it, but it’s a computer light version. Not a true pc experience and I think they’re getting there. If they do, I would watch “from the shadows” while other people give it a try and then if I saw it had true new authentic value then I would consider getting it. The only thing that would hold me back is price, yet ironically, that’s exactly why I’m considering a windows phone for my next round of phone anyway. I know people that have them and they run for 4+ years and they keep ticking, so they’re reliable. Also, they’re cheap! I’ve heard rumors the next Galaxy and iPhone are going to cost more than $1,000!!!! What?! Seriously though, who would pay that much for an electronic that historically has proven to only last 2-3 years? They cost too much and enough is enough. Whoever can offer the best phone at the affordable price, that’s where I’ll land. Like I said, I’m iPhone right now and used to be a power android user so I’ve used them all. I don’t really need all the apps although they’re fun, but what’s more important to me in my near future is my wallet and keeping the cash in it, not handing it out to a company that makes the “fastest phone”. I’m looking for a more basic smartphone and looks like I’ll find that with Windows. Oh but I disagree with Marshall that it’s a silent majority. I bet some are waiting like me, but I doubt it’s a majority. Then again, Trump coined that phrase too and he didn’t actually win the majority, so technically the silent majority refers to the silent majority of electoral votes. Oh, the irony. Why did he have to bring in politics? Because it’s funny. Or am I just sick? Wait, sick people like windows phones? Maybe nobody will get them after this post. After all, nobody should like sick people. Wait, everyone gets sick from time to time. I’m more confused than when I started this post.

  • JoeSpur

    Windows Phone is not entirely dead, otherwise partners such as HP would not be making devices. I am sure they have reassured their partners that they will keep it in development for the foreseeable future but the absolute WORST decision they made was to go silent on the platform. The loss of users in the past year is not so much down to the lack of new devices but more due to the lack of support, both from 3rd parties but more importantly from Microsoft themselves. Insiders (including testers on the insider program) know it’s still being developed but the masses have no idea, and unlike Apple or Samsung who can afford to be mysterious with their next model to keep fans in suspense, the lack of current models on store shelves does the opposite fir Microsoft – it drives users away!

    When they reveal Surface Pro 5 its an absolute MUST that they make their plans for mobile clear! They do not have to reveal a phone at the same event but they should speak of phone when they are outlining their strategy; THATS the way to keep fans in suspense, not to go totally silent on it. The fact they mention Android and Apple products more than their own Windows Phone/Mobile in their presentations is just head-shakingly sad.

  • JoeSpur

    Another thing Microsoft could or should do is put Lumia 950 back out there with a cut price of £250 ($300) RRP. Production costs should be much lower now that its older tech and it can be the base/low-end model even when the so-called Surface Phone is released. There’s no point in flooding the market with devices with such low-end specs that they can’t do anything that the brand promotes as its unique selling points (continuum, awesome cameras, etc). It just confuses people. Lumia 950 even with the “app gap” is more than enough phone for most people, especially with its cameras, and if they could get Edge working the way its supposed to.

    I suspect it was taken off the production line due to not being compatible with Continuum 2.0 and them not wanting people investing in the high end only to have to start again…