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So, like we all know Microsoft is all set to roll out the next major update for Windows 10 devices aka the Windows 10 Creators Update. With the Creators Update, Windows 10 Mobile will not get numerous new features compare to PC. However the Windows 10 Creators Update includes number of new features and enhancement over the last public preview build which was Anniversary update rolled out in August 2016.

Uninstall stock apps

Another new thing in the Windows 10 Creators Update is that along with the third party app you can now uninstall stock apps such as Calculator, Groove Music, Films and TV, Tips and more. Well of course you can’t uninstall the Store app.

Settings app

Just like the PC the Settings for Windows 10 Mobile is completely re-categorized. Some of the sections are now match with the Windows 10 PC. The Wi-Fi settings now have exact same design and interface as the PC have. They also added Wi-Fi services and Hotspot 2.0 network options. They also merged the Wi-Fi scenes in the Wi-Fi settings. The Bluetooth area also received the same design interface as the PC. Adding a new Bluetooth device interface completely redesigned.

Reset app

With the Windows 10 Creators Update user will have ability to reset the app. Reset app feature will permanently delete app’s data from the device including the sign in process and preference. So now if the app is not working properly you can just reset it rather than reinstalling.

Default Sound

The big notable change in the update is the sound. The default sound in the Windows 10 Mobile has been changed. I’ve seen many feedbacks about the introducing the new sound for Windows 10 Mobile and they did it. However if you don’t like it you can always change it back.

Microsoft Edge & Windows Store

Microsoft Edge is improved lot. They introduced new reading experience in it. You can read the EPUB files right in the Microsoft Edge. In addition you can download any books from the Windows Store and read it in the Microsoft Edge. Yes, Microsoft added a new section in Windows Store for books. However currently it’s only available for the US region but soon they will add it for more regions.

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Windows Hello & Cortana

Windows Hello became more secure and even faster. It’s much requested improvements to Windows Hello. Cortana became smarter with Creators Update. She can now change the volume of music, manage Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And that pick up where I left off also arrived in Windows 10 Mobile. It allows you to sync Microsoft Edge tabs and apps between multiple Windows 10 devices.

Glance Screen

With the Windows 10 Creators Update they also added new option to always show glance screen when charging.

Other Changes:

You can now add or remove the word in the dictionary.

Active hours expanded. You can now active hours left up to 18 hours.

You can lock your device while using continuum.

So, that’s all major changes in the Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile. Which feature you like the most in Windows Creators Update? Let us know in a comment below.

  • Hibnu Hishath
    • eternal


    • Vamsi Kumar

      These pics and design are of windows 10 mobile@ Hibnu Hishath ?

    • Pedro Weekes

      Give ability to change font style and design Tiles with slightly rounded edges on HS, plus make use of all the avl space on app list screen. No need for all the scrolling to find a few apps. Arrange the apps list in a better layout that makes use of the screen space in Alphabetical order and that in itself would have a much better overall look to the UI for the commonplace daily usage. Stop trying to make Windows Mobile look like other Oses. Don’t see Apple users or Android users asking Google to make their device look like the compt or vice versa.

  • Aljo Antony

    What about windows capture 3D experience?

  • ThePaladinTech

    openVPN support

  • Leff phield

    Sounds like a lot of hype if you ask me. Not much you can do at this point but make it less buggy. We shall see soon! Make it stable!!!

  • Didier

    How do you sync tabs between mobile and PC? Reading list does not work very well and it’s too slow. Otherwise I really like the update and the other improvements they made. Rumors say that Redstone 3 will focus on Mobile

  • David Barnes

    I’m waiting . . . Can’t get past 15051 without going to the fast ring, and I’m not going to chance that on my daily driver.

  • Emanuel Castillo

    How can I install it? I suppose I need to update first to W10 mobile (I have 8.1) but, then? Just wait?

  • Julian Barker

    What’s the version number?

  • Manish Choudhary

    Are they gonna provide VoLTE support (in India) ever?