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Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Build 15061 for Desktops and Tablets. Windows 10 PC Builds are getting released at a really fast pace and Windows Phone has once again been ignored. Microsoft hasn’t pushed a new update Windows 10 Mobile Devices this week. The company released a Build for Windows 10 Mobile Devices on last Friday with no major bug fixes.

The latest Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build is buggy and it is one of the few painful Windows 10 Creators Preview Update. Just like the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, the Windows 10 Creators Update for Windows Phone has been focused on improvements and bug fixes. The company’s main focus has been on Windows 10 PCs with the Creators Update.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar has now confirmed that a new bug is blocking the release of next Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build. If Microsoft is able to fix the bug in the coming days, we can expect a new Preview Build for Windows Phone next week.

The latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 15055 comes with an critical bug that causes the inbox apps to fail to launch. You may not be able to launch Windows Store on your phone and you will be not able to update any apps. However, Microsoft has promised to fix the bug in the next build.

Microsoft is expected to begin the roll out of Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update after the desktop release. Microsoft has recently confirmed that the company will continue to release preview builds to Windows Phones after the release of Creators Update. We can expect new features for Windows 10 Mobile with Windows 10 Redstone 3 update which will be released later this year and it is the second major update for the operating system.

  • Besnik Rrustemi

    As I personally understood from their statement:
    They are going to release the Creators Update Features for Windows Mobile after they release Creators Update for PC.
    So i expect that from April we will start to see new features (Creators Update Features) like:
    – Custom Color Accents
    – Themes for Mobile
    – 3D Camera Capture Mode
    – Night Light
    – Microsoft Edge Improvements

    • AMRooke

      and Paint 3D is supposedly in the works for mobile . . .

  • AMRooke

    I have 15055 on my 950XL DS, but have not experienced the Store issues mentioned in the article. The Store app opens without issue, and my apps have been updating daily.

    • Besnik Rrustemi

      Im running latest insider build (unofficial) on my lumia 920 (masked as 950).
      Before updating to the latest build i had a windows store update available and updated,then after that i updated to the latest build.
      Had xbox,onenote,word, Excel, PowerPoint updates on store yesterday and i updated without issues.
      So same like you, I don’t have problems with windows store and inbox apps even though im on the latest build.

  • Varian

    15055 on a Lumia 830 and I’ve not had the Store issue they’re on about either so I assume it’s just another lie. Each time they delay more of us just throw away our Lumias and they lose even more market share and render UWP pointless (no one will bother making UWP just for desktop and no RT-by-any-other-name will win devs over either) and it’s obvious now that this is deliberate. We W10M users are an uncomfortable reminder of just how badly the current Windows Insider and management teams have been handling things so they’re phasing us out, frankly. It’s a shame – this is still the best mobile OS out there but the talentless teen-brained hacks they’ve got running the show are killing it.