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Users of the new Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser, which was officially launched in January 2020, are being aggressively targeted with ads on popular Google platforms including Docs, Forms, Drive, and even Gmail.

It looks like the search engine giant is pushing even harder for Chrome, and more recently, Google has started using Gmail’s sign-in alerts to promote Chrome browser when you use Microsoft Edge.

The purpose of sign-in alert emails is to provide Gmail owners with a real-time dashboard of new login attempts, which allows users to react faster in the event of a hijacking attempt. In yet another attempt to advertise its own browser, Google is now using Gmail’s sign-in alerts to push new Edge users to try Chrome.

Users have reported that Gmail identifies Microsoft Edge in the email subject, and recommends users to try Chrome.

“Make the most of Windows with the Chrome browser. Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser, built for the modern web,” the message reads.

Google Chrome ad
Chrome ad in Gmail

Gmail isn’t the only platform Google is using to convince Edge owners into using Chrome.

Previously, the tech giant has tried to advertise its own browser to Edge users with ‘Switch to Chrome’ pop-ups on Google Search, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive, and even Chrome web store.

As we reported in February, Edge users who opened the Chrome web store to download new extensions were greeted with a security warning, which was later removed.

Google isn’t the only tech giant using ads within their products. Microsoft has also issued Edge advertisements within its Windows Search and Start menu to users who search for Chrome as a way to prevent them from switching to the Google browser.

Edge ad in Search for Chrome

Despite Microsoft Edge’s increased popularity, Chrome’s market share has improved lately and the browser share increased for the fifth straight month in May. As of May 2020, Chrome’s market share is 69.8% and Microsoft Edge sits at number two on the list with 7.9%.

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