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There’s yet another interesting patent application by Microsoft which appears to detail a foldable dual-screen mobile device with the focus entirely on emulation of 3D representations of the virtual object.

Titled “MANIPULATING VIRTUAL OBJECTS ON HINGED MULTI-SCREEN DEVICE”, the patent was published by USPTO earlier this week and it details a Microsoft’s dual-screen device with the ability to render 3D representations of virtual objects.

“Users interact with multi-screen mobile devices throughout a variety of positions, including holding the device vertically, holding the device with a primary screen facing toward the user, holding the screen with a second screen facing toward the user, and other positions and orientations. However, users may encounter difficulties manipulating virtual three-dimensional objects on the two-dimensional screens. Conventional methods employ an external input device, such as a mouse, to manipulate virtual three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional display screens, which may be cumbersome and inconvenient for users,” Microsoft writes in the background section of the patent.

Dual screen device with 3D representation

Microsoft has explained the patented method below:

“To address the above issues, a mobile computing device is provided. The mobile computing device comprises a housing having a first part and a second part coupled by a hinge, the first part including a first display and a second part including a second display, a sensor mounted in the housing and configured to detect a hinge angle between the first and second parts of the housing, and a processor mounted in the housing. The processor is configured render and cause to be displayed on a display a two-dimensional view of a virtual object on the first display, and a three-dimensional view of the virtual object on the second display. The three-dimensional view of the virtual object is rendered based on the detected hinge angle between the first and second parts of the housing”.

This week a new batch of patents were published showing off different ideas that Microsoft has for a foldable mobile device. For example, there is a patent which appears to detail a dual screen camera focused device, a device with the 3D audio system and a bunch of patents showing off apps running on a dual screen device.

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