Surface Pro next-gen leak

A report recently revealed that Microsoft is working on next-generation Surface Pro devices and today we have come across a leaked picture of the alleged next-gen Surface device.

The Surface Pro 6, could be the company’s next powerful 2-in-1 device launching this year. Some photos posted on a Vietnam forum of the alleged “Surface Pro 6” has revealed almost everything about the device. There’s no strong evidence to support this claim but the poster has shared photos of the Surface Pro box that has “Surface Pro 6” written on it.

Surface Pro 6 leak

The alleged Surface Pro 6 is an iterative update and it does not come with the USB-C. The hardware upgrade is also pretty minor. The report from the Vietnamese blog suggests that the device comes with Intel 8th gen Core i5 8250U quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM.

With the Redmond Giant scheduling an hardware event on October 2nd this year, we could expect the company revealing more details of its Surface Pro 6 along with the release date, pricing, and availability.

Expect the heavily redesigned Surface Pro next year

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reported that the software maker is working on a new Surface device that is internally codenamed “Carmel” and it will be a heavily redesigned version.

The rumour revealed that Microsoft is planning for a complete redesign of the new device and major hardware improvements. The company is planning to unveil the heavily redesigned Surface Pro in early 2019.

  • YeahRrright

    So much for Panos saying no small upgrades to the Surface line. Why anyone would buy a new device that has no usbc and Thunderbolt 3? That’s just not smart…

    • M Rankin

      We don’t even know if the leak is actually true

      • YeahRrright

        Turned out to be true…

        • M Rankin

          Yes. the big refresh is due next year. ( intel needs to add more PCI lane)
          I have one device with USB C that’s it.
          So it doesn’t really bother me.
          Each user’s needs is different.

          • YeahRrright

            Coming soon ™

          • M Rankin

            Haha classic. well you can only do so much with a Limited amount of PCI Lanes available.

            Microsoft clearly has no plans to get rid of the surface connector etc. (that on intel)

            But Quad core CPU, updated cooling system, brighter screen, with better contrast are solid
            Improvement. and a stating price of just 749$ M3/I5 899$