Windows 10 Messaging
Image Courtesy: Image Courtesy: Florentin

Back in 2015, Microsoft announced new Messaging app for Windows 10 based on Skype. Windows 10’s Messaging app is still available and almost after one year, the company is updating the application with Fluent Design changes. Since Microsoft is betting big on Skype, the company stopped updating the Messaging app.

Today, Windows 10’s Messaging app has been updated to version 3.36.14001.0 with Fluent Design, the update is available for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. Microsoft may be planning to improve the Messaging app in the future updates for the Always-Connected PCs and long rumoured Andromeda Surface Phone.

Microsoft announced Fluent Design last year at the Build developer conference, codenamed Project NEON, the new design language brings a visual overhaul to Windows 10 across Start Menu and applications. For who opted into Windows Insider program are able to test more elements of Fluent Design than the general users.

Fluent Design is based on Depth, Material, Light, Motion and Scale. The design language enables a visual effect, only noticeable when users will hover the cursor on the menu. The Fluent Design that has been implemented in the Messaging app enhances the overall experience, the app is however still missing important features.

“The new Reveal Highlight behaviour is an interaction visualization that helps guide users. Reveal is now enabled by default on ListView and other XAML collection controls in experiences that target the Fall Creators Update,” the company said.

  • Tengo Gachechiladze

    We need Fluent Design on mobile! Damn you Microsoft

    • eternal

      Messaging is full screen on mobile. See Groove, Store, Maps. They all have menus that are blurred, Messaging does not.

  • eternal

    I am just telling you that Messaging can’t have Fluent blurred background on Mobile because it doesn’t have menus over non-solid backgrounds, and it’s quite simple compared with Maps, Store, Photos, and others. On PC, it does make sense on windowed mode, but on Mobile is useless.

    • Tengo Gachechiladze

      Microsoft is lazy! They can use start menu picture to adapt fluent desgin into mobiles