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Microsoft is working internally on a Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices which works with Microsoft Photos app on Windows 10 PC. Microsoft off late has been working on introducing new features to its apps on both iOS and Android and the Photos companion app is another step in doing that.

The Photos companion app will not be a full featured Photos app available on Windows 10 but will be an app built to transfer photos and videos from your iOS and Android devices to Windows 10 PC.

The app will be made available as a Preview similar to Microsoft Edge and will be made available for download on both iOS and Android. The app when available will make it easy for users to quickly transfer photos, pictures and video from your mobile to Photos app for Windows 10.

For Windows 10 users, the OneDrive app uses the cloud service to transfer Photos to your Windows 10 PC on the other hand the Photos companion app lets users to transfer photos and videos over the same WiFi network used on Mobile to PC.