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Microsoft is testing a mobile-type device which is rumoured to be called Surface Phone or Surface Note, the name of the ultimate mobile device is however not confirmed yet but it would be from the Surface lineup. In one of the interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also confirmed that the company’s Windows Phone is dead and even admitted that it had no chance against the rival mobile platforms.

Earlier this month, speaking at the 2017 GeekWire Summit, Nadella confirmed that they “do have a lot of exciting things that are happening in Surface.” When asked about exploring new form factor devices, Nadella explained that he will only talk about new form-factors when the device is ready, “I’m definitely not going to talk to you about it before I have the device,” he said.

At the same event, Nadella also discussed about the future of Windows 10 Mobile platform. In simple words, Nadella explained that Microsoft has indeed given up on its mobile business and the company won’t release new Windows 10 Mobile hardware, the mobile platform is now being business-focused.

“We absolutely do not have the share to have our smartphone hardware, that’s a real consumer choice. That’s the reality of it. (…)The reality is that we cannot compete as a third ecosystem with no share position and attract developers. The thing we’re doing is to make sure that the software is available so that we can service the enterprise customers who really don’t care about a lot of the things a consumer will care about,” he said.

Microsoft however still plans to keep Windows 10 Mobile alive but only for enterprises. It is quite obvious that Microsoft’s rumoured Surface Phone or Surface Note will not be a simple mobile device and it won’t be powered by Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Now as Windows 10 Mobile is officially dead, do you still plan to use your Windows phone?

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