Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has just confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is never going to get new features as the company has given up on its mobile platform. Today, Joe Belfiore revealed why he ditched a Windows Phone for Android/iPhone and he also revealed whether or not the existing Windows Phones would ever receive major changes.

In a series of tweets, Belfiore explained that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a focus for Microsoft. The operating system is going to receive enterprise-focused features and it makes sense as the businesses are still rocking a Windows Phone.

Of course, you can still use a Windows Phone but keep in mind that Microsoft is only going to release security updates and the so-called bug fixes. Why? Because Microsoft has given up on the mobile platform, Joe Belfiore clarified. For the first time, Belfiore publicly confessed that the company is not planning to bring any new consumer-focused features to Windows 10 Mobile.

Apparently, Windows 10 Mobile is now officially dead although it is still being supported with security updates. Fortunately, Microsoft is at least going to support the existing users who still use and love Windows Phone with bug fixes, security but building new features is not the company’s focus, Belfiore confirmed.

Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone isn’t surprising, with just 0.1 percent market share it is not possible for the Redmond giant to reenter the mobile business with the current Windows 10 Mobile operating system. As a result, Microsoft is internally testing Windows Core OS, the company’s next attempt at Windows on mobile devices.

  • Pablo HP

    Yes, they are officialy dead now. Core OS? Forget it.

    • pege63

      Dead on the smartphone market yes.

  • Facts point to Microsoft being done with Mobile, but if Windows is to survive; they can’t ignore mobile.

  • Rotomi Walker III

    That’s a shame, why give up on us mobile users?

  • Jonas Nielsen

    Either Microsoft finds a way to get back on the mobile market again with Windows 10 on a smart phone or they will slowly be pushed out of the Smart phone market for good. Producing apps for Android and IOS does not guarantee anything at all. Many other word like apps and mail clients offers the same as Microsoft Office does on Android and IOS.

    Microsoft has to be a lot more aggressive if they wanna be a part of the new world with hand hold pocket computers that can be hooked up against any terminal linked to bigger screens. Otherwise Google will control the world with Android and play store and Apple will be strong with their Apple store. Windows store has very little influence on Android and Apple operating systems.