Unlike its rivals, Microsoft files many patents each year, plenty of them never turned into a product. From foldable Surface Phone/Note to a modular Surface Watch, Microsoft filed many interesting patents and one of the latest patents show a new technology which is similar to what Apple used in iPhone X.

As we noted above, the patented feature is similar to the ‘Face ID’ technology but on steroid as the security will be far better. Microsoft calls it ‘Watch It’, a security feature which could apply to a smartwatch, smartphone and even other mobile devices. The patent has been granted to Microsoft earlier this month.

As it is difficult to maintain and protect the privacy, Microsoft has patented a new technology to secure your content to determine whether a user is facing the sensor and if so, it will identify the user.

It is an “an aspect of an embodiment of the invention relates to providing a wearable computer interface that operates to provide and protect a zone of privacy for a user. In an embodiment, the computer interface operates to determine if a user is facing the interface and if so to determine an identity for the user,” Microsoft explains.

The Watch It Interface uses a 3D imagery to add additional security layer and it will show the content only when the authenticated user is facing the mobile device, it is a useful security feature when the user is in a crowded space. Microsoft may be planning to implement it on a mobile device (mythical Surface Phone), smartwatch, Surface laptop or any mobile computing device.

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