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Surface Phone¬†is Microsoft’s new device with a full version of Windows 10, learn more about Surface Phone release date and features on this page.

Microsoft patents a improved Face ID like feature for smartphone or smartwatch

Unlike its rivals, Microsoft files many patents each year, plenty of them never turned into a product. From foldable Surface Phone/Note to a modular Surface Watch, Microsoft filed many interesting patents...
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Patent images reveal what the Samsung’s foldable phone could look like

Samsung recently confirmed that the company is also working on a foldable mobile device and aims to release it next year. Samsung has now patented the foldable design for a mobile-like...

More evidences confirm Surface Phone’s Windows Core OS is real and exciting

The much-rumoured Surface Phone is reportedly arriving next year with a new version of Windows 10 called 'Windows Core OS'. Microsoft has been struggling a lot to raise Windows Phone into the...
Surface Phone

Surface Phone: Microsoft’s mobile device to have folding body

Microsoft's ultimate mobile device 'Surface Phone' is reportedly arriving next year and the rumours have indicated that the device will feature a unique design. Surface Phone, not necessarily a phone but...

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