The much-rumoured Surface Phone is reportedly arriving next year with a new version of Windows 10 called ‘Windows Core OS’. Microsoft has been struggling a lot to raise Windows Phone into the mobile marker but due to unavailability of great apps that take advantage of the Windows OS, Windows Phone failed. Now Microsoft is planning to launch the Surface Phone or a mobile device in 2018, for the success of the ultimate mobile device, the company needs to ready the new operating system.

According to the reliable reports, Windows Core OS is going to power Microsoft’s ultimate mobile device and a new evidence of the operating system has been found in Windows 10 Build 17025.

Windows Core OS is not dependent on the architectures, meaning that it runs smoothly on all form-factor devices including Mobile, PC and even foldable tablet. The Composable Shell (CShell) runs on the top of Windows Core OS, it allows Windows 10 to adapt to any screen-sized device. Andromeda is actually the codename of CShell Composer for mobile and the new build has confirmed the existence of Andromeda.

As spotted by Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, Andromeda.exe exists in Windows 10 Build 17025. Furthermore, it also supports calling, meaning that a new device with the new operating system will be able to make calls. Surface Phone or  Surface Note will feature the voice calling feature, it could be the perfect replacement for the smartphones.

According to the latest rumours, Microsoft is building a new foldable device ‘Surface Note’ or ‘Surface Journal’. Microsoft has patented a lot of designs similar to Microsoft Courier, most of them have confirmed that the Redmond giant is indeed testing a foldable mobile device.

The foldable device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and it makes sense as it could offer multi-day battery life and it will also support built-in LTE cellular connectivity. Let’s hold on till the release and see what Microsoft is planning for the Surface lineup.

  • Carlosgzm

    Windows 10 Core OS!! As I see the new UI changes, new features and new app versions… Mobile will be great!

  • Karen Valinoti

    The mythical Surface Phone….what’s next, confirmation that the abominable snowman really does exist?

  • GPS Driver

    Great, another phone they will sell to just later abandon to the digital wastelands. After buying two Windows phones just to see MS abandon them I just don’t trust them any more.

    • d0x360

      Microsoft supported their mobile OS for many many years but it was never going to win or be profitable in it’s current state.

      If they come out with a legit contender I’ll give it a look and I’ve been with Android since the g1 and I did have an HTC one m8 with win mobile that I returned to Verizon.

      Also if this thing runs they way it should that would mean we could easily emulate Android and runs it’s apps. That would be fantastic. It would allow a much easier transition away from Google and really that’s what I’m after.

  • Okuyu

    I have bought just about all the flagship windows phones since 2011. My last one was Lumia 950XL last year. This year I bought note 8. Its a good phone the note. But it just can’t compare with Windows. But im getting restless waiting for a killer device from Microsoft.

    • Bill Kaloudis

      My experience is identical to yours.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      HP elite X 3 seems to be Right up your alley. I was looking to get that one however I am considering that it no longer will be produced by HP maybe.

    • Roger Chain

      Not to sound like a jerk, but a Lumia 950XL was hardly a flagship smartphone.

  • d0x360

    That should mean you could easily install an Android emulator for all your fav apps that don’t have ports or versions you like better

    I’m listening…

    I want out of Google’s ecosystem as much as possible and I’m never buying an iPhone

    • jacky

      I don’t think it Alcan be that powerful

    • Ysleiro

      I hope you are right but you should know running Blue Stacks on a Surface Pro pushes it like a video game.

      • d0x360

        I’ve got mine undervolted which lets me get higher clocks for gaming and still get about the same battery life as I get out of my switch… obviously that’s not enough

        It’s a good point regardless but im hoping it’s something they could do…I doubt it’s something they would do.

        Although it’s likely going to be the same hardware that you would find in an Android phone so full emulation wouldn’t be necessary. Wishful thinking anyways.

        I probably would have kept using Windows phone back then if there was a half decent RSS for it. I could never find an app that worked reliably. On Android I use FeedR which is almost as old as Android itself (but still gets OS compatibility updates) and it’s also just really simple but I still couldn’t find anything that compared. Of course now there are a few decent UWP ones so….I must stop rambling

    • Jack Smith

      Good luck with that. You have two choices iOS and Android and that is not changing.

  • realDonaldTrump

    Very strange. Microsoft has publicly announced that they will never, ever release another device with Windows that can make calls over a cellular phone network.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Where? They said they won’t make just yet another smartphone and a foldable device is not a ordinary phone after all.

      “So when you say ‘when will we make more phones’ I’m sure we’ll make more phones,” said Nadella.

    • Ysleiro

      They did not say this. They said development of Windows Phone and release of Windows Phone devices was ceased.

      • realDonaldTrump

        Exactly and if Microsoft couldn’t pay developers to write apps for Windows Phone then they won’t write apps for Windows Core or any other mobile Windows OS either. That’s why Microsoft is investing so much time in Android.

  • Dracono

    Without a official native YouTube app that doesn’t get blocked, good luck with the general population.

  • Gary

    Ii wai might consider it if it can run Xbox One games.

    • SimonPieman

      There are Xbox one games????

      • Gary

        You’re right. No buy from me then.

      • Nobody

        Yeah? never heard of them? Do you live on a hole or what?

  • greg

    But will it run Android? Cause I am done buying MS devices only to be abandoned shortly after. Ms band left to die . Win RT left to die. Kinetic shoved down throat and left to die. And win phone os after os left get after green behind.. Before they just abandoned windows phones completely…

    Why trust them now?

    I was a win fanboy since I saw MSX home computers for the first time. . It failed, but it showed me they had the right idea.

    But the way Ms had treated consumers the last few years i am done with them.

    • James Eccles

      If it runs programs like it’s supposed to… download crome and then you would have access to the android store

      • SimonPieman

        Nope that not how it works, chrome doesn’t give you access to android store

        • Jack Smith

          Actually ChromeOS gives you access to the Android play store and love it. Can run things on a laptop just not possible with Windows.

          • oj88

            Android Emulator or Genymotion + x86_64 image of Android version of choice + Gapps and you get the full Google Core ecosystem, Google Play Services, Google Play Store and hence all apps. Works on any OS. Though the integration with the host OS isn’t there. Don’t know how that situation is on ChromeOS. Can you share files between ChromeOS and Android apps? I suppose notifications at least gets into the same place. So yeah it’s better.

          • Jack Smith

            Yes you can pass files if desired on local device. But most things today are cloud based so no need to explicitly.

            The beuty of chromeos is being secure and no malware or anything like that.

            Plus it just works and zero hassle.

            But now I can use Android. So can check the Google WiFi or run Google home app or my wife uses Snap.

            There is more and more on Android that is just not available on Windows.

            Even things like playing my favorite soduku Android app.

    • James

      I liked Windows RT and Windows Phone as well. No clue why those were two different OS’s though. It should have been like iOS on iPhone and iPad. Also Microsoft should have poored ALL of their money into app development.

      • Kevin Robinson

        They have done that it is called onecore – Windows 10 and server 2016 is the same code which is why they are killing off the older operating systems and pissing off all the people on windows 7 who want nothing to change. Andromeda the OS going to use to run windows on ARM

    • oj88

      Making it able to run Android _apps_ TRANSPARENTLY could help (not visible to the user), like I upload my Android apps to Jolla Harbor (Sailfish) and Blackberry World (for those Blackberrys that don’t run Android now but supports the Android runtime). No implementation is perfect. Some design guidelines for icons etc like Jolla and Blackberry does, and a GOOD emulator and ACTUAL PEOPLE going through your app to see that it works fine (like Amazon does, they seem to check everything, and I get detailed report back what makes the app crash and debug info, even though Amazon devices run Android it’s AOSP so don’t except everything to work without some code minor code tweaking), and integrate open source Android APIs to MS APIs for notifications etc, could make it decent. Live tiled etc could easily just go in an XML file in the Android app’s module.

      Problem is of course: it could make developers just tweak their apps to work good enough on Windows (extra battery drain is very possible, but a truly good emulator could avoid too much), and see how Windows does, unless they make it really easy to port apps (will never be easy enough for me as a single hobby developer with no revenue from it as it’s all FOSS, and I won’t use Windows to develop on. Maybe a plugin for Android Studio, that would be supported by all OS’, Blackberry has such a plugin AFAIK, probably crappy, but such a plugin could easily be powerful, it’s IntelliJ Android Studio runs after all, much of Google’s stuff are plugins already, with a porting feature, or at least an integration feature, without messing with the original code, just give advise and possibility to add to project if seems ok).

  • Mboe

    Could someone build a time machine, 2018 is too far

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Lol! Yep your rigty

  • John Sun

    Wrong idea

  • Philip Alexander

    What MS have taught me so far:

    1) never trust MS, especially with mobile
    2) never invest any money into MS hardware
    3) never encourage others to trust MS on anything.

    Signed: former MS fanboy.

    • Kevin Robinson

      Really – they make fantastic hardware – the surface laptop is a fantastic laptop and I have over 30 surfacebooks in my office now with more people requesting them no one wants anything else including the people in Marketing that used to use Apple laptops.

      • Philip Alexander

        Wasn’t talking about fat cats. My post is to address normal people who are paying with hard earned money and many have to save a few months. So, apples this way and oranges another way. You probably never own a decent ThinkPad. Give it a try. As for MS … They make people pay for their silly experiments be it Zune or RT or Windows Phone etc just to throw the toys out if the pram when the road gets rocky.

        • Kevin Robinson

          ok – I also personally own 3 surface devices – started with a SP2 – I have used Thinkpads – sorry don’t buy laptops from a company that is partially owned by the Chinese Government.

          • Philip Alexander

            Sorry, I don’t do aliens and conspiracies. Have a lovely day.

          • Kevin Robinson

            Lenovo is in fact partially owned by the Chinese Government that is a fact not fantasy – which is why once IBM sold that division to Lenovo the DOD ripped out all ThinkPad’s and are no longer to allowed be purchased.

          • Philip Alexander

            I am not American. And trusting DOD or Chinese in my World is equally bad idea. Just saying. So, I use Lenovo. And I have American Windows on it :-)

          • Kevin Robinson

            I understand completely and you are right – power corrupts all

            There are some key differences – The United States Government does now own or partially own technology company’s or fund theses companies if they did they would own or control Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, HP, IBM and Google and many other tech companies and defense contractors. The United States is not a communist country can you imagine what would the world would be like if Russia and China had control of companies.

          • The Mummy

            America as a country is owned by two sovereign nation’s. Financially by Chinese investments and loans. Politically by Isreal. I think your image of America is slightly warped.

          • Kevin Robinson

            You are missing the point – The Chinese Government is spying on everyone and there is cyber warfare going on right now as we speak everyone is doing it – the reason the DOD doesn’t allow Chinese made computers – Lenovo that is in fact owned partially and financed by the Chinese Government is obvious do I need to spell it out for you why they are banned. Don’t think the Chinese are only targeting just the government they hope to gather as much intelligence as possible – China would love to find out what Tesla is doing for example and also what all the defense contactors are working on and the projects they are planning and or running.

  • Jean-Antoine Matadi

    Another failure coming

  • SimonPieman

    This is surely a joke (as is pretty much every Microsoft hardware product)

    • Nobody

      like your post and your avatar.

  • Geers Tyresoil

    If it will run x86 PC software it will succeed by that fact alone.

    • Michael Garand

      Microsoft and qualcomm have been working on windows for x86 SoC architecture. They announced it at CES. So we can expect a true windows experience on many mobile devices soon. While this won’t catch on with consumer smartphones, it will be a huge benefit to professionals.

    • Jack Smith

      Do not agree in 2017. Now maybe if it was 2007.

  • eternal

    Another clickbait article made of nothing . You post 2-3 articles a day all over again about the same bulshit and your own assumptions presented as ‘Evidence’.
    Evidence of what? And stop call it ‘Surface Phone’ this is ridiculous.

  • Justin

    You’d think they’d learn after the last disaster

  • The Mummy

    …meanwhile MS Windows 10 doesn’t have a PDF editor. You can just read PDFs in edge with some sloppy markup tools. Can’t rearrange pages, insert pages, etc. What is more “business” than PDF? If Microsoft built a car it would have a plush leather interior with alcantara dashboard and amazing speakers but only three tires.

    • Nobody

      ever heard of Adobe PDF reader & editor?

    • I use Foxit MobilePDF. Very satisfied with it.

  • The Mummy

    Microsoft is more of a research and development company. They don’t really have any finished or polished products. Of their software is complete their hardware is no good. If their hardware is good then the software is incomplete. They are always in beta and always “announcing” but never really delivering. Everything is “next year”. They built an all in one and priced it at 3000 dollars to make sure no one will buy it.