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While most of the companies quickly dropped support for Windows Phone, Gameloft still developed the games for Windows Phone and supported the platform. Gameloft has now announced that the company won’t be supporting the Windows Phone platform anymore.

Gameloft’s Community Manager revealed that the company is no longer supporting Dungeon Hunter 5, Sniper Fury and Modern Combat 5 for Windows Phone. Gameloft hasn’t confirmed whether or not the new games will be launched for Windows Phone, however as the company has decided to end support for high-profile games, it is likely that no big titles will be launched for Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The decision isn’t surprising considering Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer supported. Gameloft will, however, continue to support the Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. Gameloft is also allowing the Windows Phone users to transfer all the achievements to iOS or Android.

“For Windows Phone users: Microsoft announced recently that they are discontinuing development of this platform. For that reason, we will not be able to keep creating updates for DH5 for Windows Phones, and we are giving Windows Phones users the possibility to switch to an iOS/Android/PC device. This action is irreversible, so please be sure of your choice,” Gameloft’s Community Manager writes in a forum.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently admitted that Windows Phone is dead, he made it clear that the company has no intention to work on new features or hardware for Windows Phone, the company’s failure to attract developers ultimately led to the death of Windows Phone. Now as the platform is dead and UWP isn’t able to attract the developers, soon all the popular apps will stop functioning on Windows Phone while the mobile operating system will still be supported with security updates.

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