Microsoft is internally testing the Surface Phone with Windows Core OS, a new modular OS for the mobile devices. A new rumour recently claimed that HP is already testing a Surface Phone like mobile device with Windows Core OS. In the past, Microsoft and HP have worked together on flagship Windows 10 Mobile the Elite x3. HP was even planning to launch the Elite x3 successor and similar Windows Phones, however, due to a change in strategy at Microsoft’s end, HP had to give up on Windows 10 Mobile.

While HP did put another nail in the coffin for Windows Phone by ditching its plan for the Microsoft’s mobile platform, this doesn’t mean that HP has completely given up on the idea of ‘Windows 10 on Mobile’. Recently, reports from unreliable sources confirmed that Microsoft’s OEM partners are also planning to bring Windows Core OS powered mobile devices to the market by late 2018.

According to the latest reports from a reliable Spanish site, HP is already testing the Windows Core OS for its upcoming mobile device. The prototypes running Windows Core OS is already being tested by HP. The prototype looks similar to the Windows Phone appeared at HP’s booth at Mobile World Congress, the specification is, however, a bit better than the Elite x3.

HP is testing the Windows Core OS on several prototypes, one of them appeared at MWC features a 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 821 processor and an improved design with gold finish.

The rumoured Surface Phone seems to be the hope for Microsoft to get back into race and maybe even surpass other companies in the mobile making. The Surface Phone is rumoured to have Windows Core OS along which improves the universal Platform and also solve the app unavailability problem. But, Microsoft shouldn’t stop here because this is not going to attract as many as customers Microsoft should get in order to get back on track. They’ve got to come up with a brilliant technology like no other.

HP, Dell and Lenovo are reportedly working with Microsoft to launch new Windows Core OS mobile devices. The rumours earlier claimed that the devices will be launched next year along with the Surface Phone. We’ll likely have to wait until 2018 to see what’s next for Windows 10 on Mobile.

  • meh…

    It’s sad that HP hasn’t just given up on Windows Mobile/Phone/Mobile/Core OS/whatever next, and go Android. An HP Android would actually be pretty kick-ass if they wanted to put their efforts into making a full “x3” device on Android. HP is one of those vendors who make good luxurious products, and an Android smartphone with similar enterprise-level security to what BlackBerry makes (hell, HP ought to just BUY BlackBerry out, and make secure Android products with the bought property, so long as it’s not like Palm where they murdered the product line), and yeah… Then, hardware keyboard + x3-like lap and desk docks, then, add in added Android system security on the kernel level, with hardware root of trust. Holy crap, now that’d be one hell of an Android, with a high-class Snapdragon processor (say, 835/845) and now we’re talkin!

  • meh…

    Android isn’t a downgrade. Windows at all, is.

    • lovethetech

      yes, it is a downgrade, a big one.

      • meh…

        It’s a downgrade when all you’re concerned about is deep throating Microsoft.

        • lovethetech

          great facts, knowledge & reasoning. your family must be liking this kind of brainy arguments.

          • meh…

            You’re the one who thinks the app-less ecosystem of Windows somehow is better than the vibrant one of Android.

          • lovethetech

            world runs/operates on windows PCs. Candy crushes can be handled on android.

          • meh…

            As well as business apps, RDP, and real mobility management that doesn’t have everything to do with Microsoft. I think we all know that Intune sucks.

  • Daniel Sawyer

    android isn’t even a full os it is a shell version os based in Linux

    • STZ .

      I feel like you don’t understand how a kernel works.

      Android uses the linux kernel… It is a (sort of) linux distro… Linux distros (There are a lot) are thier own operating systems that share a kernel.

      By your logic, Windows 10 is just a shell OS based on Windows NT… Since they share the same kernel.


  • Cosmocronos

    You may want to check what Nadella said about it…