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This MWC has been currently a disappointment for Windows Phone fans till now, with no new phones being announced. While not announced yet, prying eyes have discovered an unannounced version of the HP Elite x3 in the HP booth.

Image courtesy: The Verge

Spotted by PCWorld, the new version of Elite x3 has some noticeable differences from the original one. Firstly, it doesn’t have the Bang & Olufsen speaker grill at the bottom. Also the position of the front camera has been moved. The phone appears thinner, the bezels are thinner and there are strange looking marks on the top of the phone.

What are these marks on the top?

The phone appears super thin than its predecessor and also quite sleek. While no announcements were made till now, an HP spokesperson told,

“this is an example of how we see future iterations of the x3 platform”

The phone is rumoured to have the Snapdragon 835 chipset and better specs than its previous iteration. HP is yet to reveal anything about this new device, so it may also be a concept or a tease for the hard-core Windows Phone fans.



  • Great news. Just waiting for Cerulean by Wharton Brooks and the Surface Mobile Device (SMD).