Microsoft has recently announced that the Groove Music streaming service is being killed off and the company has partnered with Spotify to offer the service on Windows operating system. It is a bad news for the Windows Phone users as Groove Music was the only good music streaming app for the platform.

On the other hand, the Microsoft’s new partner Spotify doesn’t even have a proper UWP app for the OS. A Reddit user pointed out that Spotify for Windows Phone is actually broken for some users, it won’t work until the app is restarted and there are several other bugs that have to be fixed.

This is not surprising as Spotify app for Windows Phone is in maintenance mode since March and it is no longer being developed. The company is in fact not supporting the Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform app, Spotify has three different apps for Windows PC, Windows Phone and Xbox One instead of one UWP app.

“We’ll only be making critical security updates to the current Spotify app and won’t be releasing any new features or improving support for old devices going forward.
For now, you can continue using the current version of Spotify on previously supported Windows Phones, and it will remain available for download via the Windows Store,” Spotify’s Community Manager Rorey wrote in the forum.

As Spotify is Microsoft’s partner, the company could soon release the UWP app. With Groove Music and Spotify dead on Windows Phone, which music streaming services do you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Pablo HP

    I posted a lot of imagens showing this app is working perfectly on my 640xl, in another blog. I do not have problems with he. And the problem showed above don’t occurs here.

  • TheRyGuy

    I’ve been using Pandora, since discovering it in 2009. It works pretty well on my Lumia 950 and is a great alternative to Groove and Spotify.

  • Jean-Baptiste Labelle

    One solution is to close Whatsapp app. For me, it did the trick that I saw on other forums. Or close other applications running but Whatsapp seems to be causing problem when open…

  • Lisa Woodward

    Spotify is broken on my 950 and has been for about a year. I have to restart my phone pretty much every time I want to use it, and it’s buggy besides. No Pandora in Australia anymore, so my only option is to hope they actually make a UWP. RIP Groove.