Microsoft has recently announced that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update aka Redstone 3 for PCs is coming on October 17. On the other hand, there is no word on when the Fall Creators Update for Mobile will be released. Although, Microsoft has earlier confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update is coming but currently there is no ETA.

Technically, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update aka Redstone 3 is not coming to the existing phones. If you remember, Microsoft recently separated Windows 10 Mobile from the development branch and it is getting builds from the new feature2 branch.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc says that the Redstone 3 for Windows 10 Mobile is the feature2 update. Microsoft is going to address the Windows 10 Mobile feature2 as the Fall Creators Update aka Redstone 3. And yes, it is a pure lie.

Feature2 = RS3 for Mobile – Microsoft’s Brandon .

The feature2 update is going to support the existing phones until the end of 2019 or 2020, it is basically just yet another Windows Phone 7.8 update. However, this time, Microsoft is going to support old phones for a long time unlike the Windows Phone 7 days. The feature2 update for Windows 10 Mobile is focused on the enterprise customers, it brings no major changes for the regular smartphone users except the new emojis and portrait mode in Continuum.

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