Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update features
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So, what’s new in Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update? As per the release notes, it comes with Continuum improvements and new emojis, including fantasy characters like genies, fairies, and zombies, snacks, actions, and dinosaurs.

Microsoft hasn’t announced any ETA for the Mobile Fall Creators release, but they have confirmed that the update will be released soon. Unlike the Fall Creators Update for PCs, Windows Phone is not getting a lot of new features. However, Microsoft has worked on some changes for mobiles.

The Fall Creators Update for PCs is codenamed as Redstone 3. While on the other hand, Windows 10 Mobile is technically not getting the update from the Redstone 3 branch. Microsoft has created a new branch, ‘feature2’, to support the existing Windows Phones.

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update New Features

1. Continuum improvements

Microsoft is finally bringing some improvements to Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum feature. Continuum now supports portrait mode, making the PC you carry in your pocket better.

It has been one of the highly requested features, and with the update, it is coming to all Windows Phones. After enabling the feature, the phone can remember the orientation, and you will not have to change it in the settings. You can switch to portrait in Continuum mode by following the steps below.

  •  Settings > System > Display on your device, change the display orientation to “Portrait”, and press apply.

2. New emojis

Microsoft is addressing the new emojis in Windows 10 Mobile as a new feature. Although, Windows Phone is getting new emojis based on the latest Unicode updates before iPhones.

Microsoft will bring new snacks, actions, dinosaurs, and even fantasy characters like genies, fairies, and zombie emojis to Windows 10 Mobile with the Fall Creators Update. The new emojis will be accessible via the Windows Phone’s default WordFlow keyboard.

3. Chinese Lunar Calendar

Microsoft is also adding the new Chinese Lunar Calendar to Windows 10 Mobile’s Calendar app. The Calendar UWP app supports the Chinese Lunar calendar on both PC and Mobile. You can enable the feature by following the below steps.

  1. Launch the Calendar app.
  2. Select Settings >Calendar settings
  3. Enable “Alternative Calendars” and select Chinese and Lunar in the dropdowns.

4. Enterprise feature

Windows 10 Mobile will soon get enterprise-focused features with the Fall Creators Update. It is not helpful for the consumers, but it would help enterprises where Windows Phone was strong some months ago.

Recently, Microsoft revealed the list of enterprise features that could be released for Windows 10 Mobile. “I am thinking about MDM management policies, improved VPN experiences, security, things like that,” Microsoft’s Brandon said.

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