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With less than 1% market share, Windows Phone hardware business is already dead while Microsoft is still supporting the existing devices. For the first time when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 development branches would separate, the users were upset as it appeared that Windows 10 Mobile’s future is far from guaranteed. Later Microsoft started releasing builds to Windows 10 Mobile from the feature2 branch with only bug fixes.

Nothing has changed yet, Microsoft is focusing on the PC version of Windows 10 while Windows 10 Mobile has been sidelined. Microsoft hasn’t publicly announced whether or not exisiting Windows Phones will be supported. As in the past, Microsoft refused to support old phones, existing phones future is still uncertain.

Microsoft is moving forward with Andromeda OS. On other hand, Microsoft has planned to support Windows 10 Mobile until the mid of 2019. When a Windows Phone user asked whether Microsoft is going to end support for Windows 10 Mobile, Jason replied with a link confirming that Windows 10 Mobile will still be supported but it depends on the version of the mobile OS.

If you’ve offically received the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, your phone will be supported until June, 2019. On the other hand, Microsoft is going to end support for the initial version of Windows 10 Mobile that was released in November, 2015 on 9th January, 2018.

It seems Microsoft will be supporting the Windows Phones such as Lumia 950s, HP Elite x3 until mid-2019. Apparently, the company will have both Andromeda OS and Surface Phone ready before killing Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Ryszard Krauze

    “Apparently, the company will have both Andromeda OS and Surface Phone ready before killing Windows 10 Mobile.”
    Hahaha…. This sentence made my day :P.

  • Karen Alexander

    Well, guess I’m a modern day Luddite, but I still love, LOVE my Windows phone. Yes, I was using Windows when it was, well called DOS… and can’t imagine ever falling in love with the iPhone, or Android. I am very disappointed that MS did such a poor job of marketing a clearly superior product. I mean, I can call/message friends as easily as touching their picture on my phone, the integration with my Office 365 is wonderful and seamless… sigh. With all Gates billions…. I just don’t get it!