A Lumia 950

You see, Windows Phone is getting out of the list rapidly after no device launch since the Lumia 950. People are already forgetting about Windows Phone. Microsoft is more focusing on its Desktop and Laptops line up, but they shouldn’t forget about Windows Phone which is (was) one of the most versatile and fancy device of all time.

Windows 10 Mobile is already available for download with some improvements, but still, the non-Windows Phone users don’t find any fascination into the Microsoft’s mobile platform. Mostly because of tough competition and other better options. Microsoft should find out the solution for this and try to cope up with the others. Or else, Microsoft might never be able to get into the mobile world later on, which is actually a kind of future for computers.

The Surface Devices hold up very well in competition to other devices – Mac. They run really good, have really great hardware and are versatile with a wide range of variety according to your needs – haves a very well reputation in the market. Microsoft should use this as a climbing rock and stood up in the mobile world with Surface Phones, having a very smooth and advanced Operating System, maybe new, or renewed WPOS and get back on track.

If they didn’t launch the Surface Phone soon then, the Microsoft Ecosystem will be left incomplete, there will never be a proper universal Windows platform, never because if they made it long to launch it, the more time developers will take to build apps for Windows 10 and then Microsoft will be in the same situations as of now. The next will be revenue and profits of the company, Microsoft is a native Software company but if they want their Software to be up tight with current competitors then there is a need for their own hardware which company has started in the Surface line up, if they didn’t make onto Surface Phone, then we can’t say how can the company be still on its profits level by selling Surface Computers and Hololens along with Windows. Apple on the other side is making about 50% approx. of its money by selling iPhone. Microsoft should also take advantage of the popularity of mobile devices amongst customers and take a leap forward.

Microsoft is known for its Software Applications like Office and the Windows. Windows being slow, laggy and sometimes irresponsive is known for its dullness and not being very advanced and fluent but, after Windows 10, the thinking and reality are changed. Same as with the Windows Devices, HP and Dell have made great devices but they do not really signature the Windows 10 OS, hence Surface is best out there, except high-end HP or Dell Laptops. And, now it’s Lumia, Microsoft did over took NOKIA branding and made its own device but not really. They did not set up their own manufacturing line up and did not come up with the new design for Lumia. Now, it’s question of the Windows Phone OS which is, in my opinion, a really amazing, fluid, versatile, funky and stylish Mobile Operating System ever released, it’s on the tip of its end, Microsoft has to do something on this as early as possible or else it’ll be too late to reconstruct everything which they lost.

Satya’s vision for Microsoft is to empower every person and organization on this planet to achieve more and do great things, I’m sure a new Device will help customers do that.¬†Apple and Google have already dominated the field with iPhone and Galaxy, Pixel or Note devices. For this to change, Microsoft has to come up with a really groundbreaking device, which is best in its class and hasn’t seen features in the market.

Microsoft hasn’t released a new Lumia Device since very long, maybe they are working on a Ground-Breaking Device to be released soon. Who knows? Let’s wait and see.

  • No BS

    As long as the current management, obviously consisting of total morons, is not replaced then we are going to continue to get buggy versions of windows focused on features we do not care about, lack of consistency and Windows Phone is doomed.

  • Roasted Wookie

    Doesn’t matter. Without apps no one will care! And even with apps, MS lied too many times, they’ve burned users too many times for any sane man to ever trust them again. So, a big no thanks to Microshit

  • Univers Allove

    The best way Microsoft has to address the fact its cellphone line low selling is to create a platform for the cellphone equivalent to its PC OS and, therefore there would be no problem for any software developer.

    As per today, it may be true OS and Android (cousins) have more apps in their Apple and Play stores but, it is also true both companies, Apple and Google, had to eliminate tons of apps due to violations of privacy and viruses.

    If Windows phone eventually die the blood will be in Microsoft’s hands itself, for its huge lack of advertising. For those around 50’s, remember Betamax video system was far better than VHS, but VHS had a better marketing campaign; HDD had better image and double capacity of storage compared to BLU ray, but marketing campaign again kicked in and last up to date, the far better image quality Plasma TVs lost for LED and OLED TVs…

    So, not always the better team wins, but considering we are on XXI century and we have most information at the palm of our hands, I don’t understand why people still settle for less.

    • Jack Smith

      Windows desktop developers have been leaving for well over a decade now. It started with them jumping to the web and then iOS and Android.

      Most people turn on their PC, launch Chrome, do what they need and turn off their computer. Less and less do people use native software.

      The constant security issues is a big reason why. Google creating the secure and stable Chrome on top of Microsoft has made a huge difference.

      Look at how Edge was basically hacked at will at Pawned 2017 and the only browser not hacked was Chrome.

      • paulokegles

        Spending over 12 hours a day in front of a pc, I have to disagree with you…

  • Jack Smith

    It has been too late for a while now. WIndows Phone is dead. There was never very good support but the little there was is jumping ship quickly. So less and less can you get important apps and the apps that are there are rarely updated and missing features. Bugs remain.

    Windows Phones is clearly dead and there is no way to bring it back.

    • Ordeith

      You leave the same redundant FUD on site after site after site. There are days I wish Google would stop funding your behavior.

  • Gn Re

    Well, the subject here is Surface phone (not the Windows phone).
    But it is truly too late again for M$, they had / have a patent on a foldable phone we could read here on windowslatest few months ago. But now seems other companies are coming to market with this!
    Mr. Nadella is very much responsible for this, and I still believe there must be a reason why he is taking so much care for Android world. A good reason can be, that it is better business to sell office software and cloud service to Android and Ios users, compared to a market ware with this world. Or a bad reason would be, if he would have some interest in secret background (but come on, can not be).

  • pege63

    There will be no moore phones from MS, the end case closed.