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Microsoft is internally testing a new version of Windows 10 Mobile along with the Surface Phone. The company is also planning to end support for current Windows 10 Mobile platform by 2019. While on other hand, Microsoft is now looking for Technical Program Manager “to drive the design and delivery of core features on Windows Mobile platform”.

Microsoft has posted the job listing of Senior Program Manager for Windows Mobile on its website. Microsoft wants to bring high priority platform features to Windows Mobile. To make this happen, the Redmond giant is hiring a Technical Program Manager. The employee will work with the team in the Windows division to define the priorities for Windows Mobile platform.

Microsoft notes that they will also focus on consumers segment, apparently with its new Windows Mobile platform. “You will be part of a strong team that will execute on the high priority platform features for Windows Mobile that will be used by our Enterprise partners, OEMs and consumers, Microsoft said.

Microsoft is reportedly working on Surface Phone with improved Windows 10 on Mobile operating system. Earlier this year, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella revealed that Microsoft is going to make phones but it won’t look like today’s phone. Microsoft’s ultimate mobile device is rumoured to have a premium design and it is expected to come under Surface brand. Do you think Microsoft is still serious about Windows Phone’s future?

  • Linux Quest (Rob Collins)

    I hope they don’t give up on the mobile platform. I would love to see MS introduce a truly unique spin on mobile devices. Thanks for your work on this website I appreciate your articles.

  • Middle

    I drank the Kool-aid before, bought a Lumia 950, loved Continuum, walked away from iPhones having been a user starting when they were first introduced. Now I’m back to an iPhone 7 Plus. I don’t care what Microsoft does. i’m done with the false promises. I really didn’t realize all of the capabilities I was missing because of the empty app store. Like my Surface Pro but will change it out for an iPad soon. And my next laptop will be Apple.

  • cmolinap

    I’m ready to take the job; I’m an owner’s Lumia 950 Dual SIM, and I’m an user of Windows 10 Mobile. I know what we want about the W10M, and you guys can help me in searching the right path in W10M. What do you think guys?

  • Gn Re

    Is there a new chance coming for professional masochists?

  • Roasted Wookie

    :))) no way I’m ever gonna trust them again! Liars…

  • Morten S. Hansen

    Too late. My core app Mobilepay are already announced to be abandoned and closed for Windows 10 mobile this fall.

  • pege63

    Trust me there is NOT going to be any moore phone from MS