Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on unsupported phones
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Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on unsupported phones is possible and Microsoft has officially confirmed it. A few days ago, the company has pushed Creators Update to Windows Phone but only selected phone are eligible for update. Microsoft has ditched many Windows Phones from receiving the update. Old flagship phones like Lumia 930, Lumia 830 are out of the list.

It is still possible to install Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on supported phones without tweaking the registry edits. All you need to do is become a Windows Insider and enroll into the Release Preview Ring. Microsoft has officially detailed the guide to download Windows 10 Creators Update on any Windows Phone.

How to download Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on unsupported phones

  1. If your phone is running on Windows 10 Mobile TH1 or Anniversary Update
  2. Go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program
  3. Join the Windows Insider program
  4. Select Fast Ring or Slow Ring
  5. Go to Settings > Update & security > and check for updates.
  6. You will receive Creators Update within 48 hours.

Now after updating to Creators Update, your phone will show build version 15063.251. You are now required to switch to Release Preview Ring from Fast Ring or Slow Ring in order to receive cumulative updates.

However, it is a temporary official solution. Microsoft may release an update and it will block the update path. If you would like to enjoy Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, it would be a better idea to switch to a supported Windows Phone.

  • pege63

    Can NOT switch to a supported Windows Phone like 550. 650, 950 they ended the sales in DEC 30 last year here.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Same here in India. However, you can import phones or get refurbished phone from Ebay :P

  • Stalin Lobo

    on TH2 build on my 925. Not getting the W10 CU update ,what should I do?

    • Stranger_Hanyo

      Do the registry hack.

      • Stalin Lobo

        But what about using insider ring

    • Chris H

      I have 3 925s which have been in a cupboard for about a year. I thought I couldn’t get W10 mobile from a long time ago. I there an easy way?

  • shiveon

    And what about blu win jr lte

  • Chris H

    I still haven’t had CU on either my supported phones: 650 or 950XL here in UK :(

  • Amunarjoh

    Has this recipe been tested and verified to work on any devices? Tried this on my unsupported Blu Win HD LTE, but no updates detected.
    Anybody had any luck?

    • Plast0000

      if you were initially on an insider build, then you have to sign into the insider programme on your phone
      settings > security & update > Windows insider programme
      choose a ring then reboot your phone when prompted

  • Hello,
    I’m just trying to activate Windows Insider program on a Lumia 830. But
    after sign up, to the program, I just have a button “get started” and
    when I click on it, I go to a text page, I can’t choose the level.
    However, the account is currently linked to the insider program.
    I tried to restart the phone, connect to wifi and look for updates…. I’m stuck at the same point… :(