Microsoft is still working on Surface Phone, the Redmond giant’s next mobile device. The company has been working on the Surface Phone for a while now and it is rumoured to have unique features. It is already known to everyone that the mythical mobile device might feature a foldable display. It makes sense as Surface Phone is said to create a new category.

If you remember, Microsoft and Nokia were working on Lumia 1020 successor. Codenamed Lumia McLaren, the phone had 3D Touch-like navigation and it was demoed in a series of videos. Microsoft has now patented a similar technology that brings the pressure-sensitive display to Windows Phones.

The technology is focused on mobiles but it could also be implemented on smart watches and tablets. The patent shows a stylus that is used to press on the screen instead of the finger, which is quite strange. Depending on the pressure and angle, the software will perform an action. The similar technology was used on the cancelled Lumia McLaren but in this patent, the stylus has been used and not the fingers.

Another interesting feature mentioned in the patent is the unibody design and use of OLED displays to extend the organic light over the edges of the display.

“A force sensitive surface measures force or pressure applied to the surface. The surface may also detect the touch position. The force sensing surface is calibrated with a stylus having a force measuring element,” Microsoft described the patent.

The Surface Phone might come with OLED display and it will make the device even expensive. Although, it is not surprising as the Surface Phone is also rumoured to be a high-end and very expensive device, just like the other Surface-branded devices.

Microsoft filed the patent almost two years ago and it was published on August 1, 2017. It’s a fact that patent filings don’t always translate into products, so don’t put high hopes on it. The patent, however, gives us an idea about the features of Microsoft’s ultimate mobile device.

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