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Microsoft has filed yet another patent that has some details of the Surface Phone’s feature. The rumour has it that Microsoft has planned to create a new category with the upcoming Surface Phone. Satya Nadella recently confirmed that the company is working on a ultimate mobile device.

The new patent hints that the Surface Phone might have the support for virtual network operators. The patent is filed under the title, “Wireless Commnuciations Device”. The Microsoft employees have also explained as to how the LTE technology would change the world when used on a small handheld device i.e Surface Phone.

Microsoft filed the patent back in January 2016 but it was published today. It shows a foldable device with support for the wireless phone network.

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“In the implementation shown in FIG. 1, display 112 is raised above second housing 104 by an amount roughly equal to the thickness of first housing 102 such that, when wireless communications device 100 is in the closed position, display 112 and first housing 102 sit flush with respect to one another. In this implementation, second housing 104 may measure approximately 6 mm by 72 mm by 74.5 mm, except in the area of display 112 where the thickness is double, approximately 12 mm. First housing 102 in this implementation may measure 6 mm by 72 mm by an amount such that first housing 102 and display 112 equal approximately 74.5 mm. Therefore when wireless communications device 100 in this implementation is in the closed position, its dimensions are approximately 12 mm by 72 mm by 74.5 mm and, when wireless communications device 100 is in the fully open position, i.e., when angle 108 equals approximately 180°, its dimensions are approximately 12 mm  (o.47 inch) by 72 mm (2.8 inch) by 144 mm (5.6 inch),” the patent is described on Patents Scope.

The patent gives us a look at how the foldable Surface Phone phone would work like. Surface Phone is reportedly coming next year with improved Windows 10 Mobile Experience.

Recently a leaked video revealed that Surface Phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. It will also come with ONTO TABLE Projection Continuum feature that will offer desktop work of up to 1 hour.

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