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Surface Phone is Microsoft’s rumoured device that is supposed to create a new category and replace the smartphones. Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone for a while now. Many rumours have revealed that the Surface Phone is going to be a beast but the specification and the design of the device is still a mystery.

In a podcast with Mashable, Microsoft’s Panos Panay who is behind the success of Surface Devices requested them to not ask about the Surface Phone. The podcast is very interesting as Panos has discussed about his career at Microsoft, his relationship with Bil Gates and much more.

Mashable asked Panos, “So there is a Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Surface Hub, Surface laptop and the Surface Phone, too, right?” Panos laughed and told them, “My dearest is here, good work! The first five are correct. I can not quite remember the last one, though. ”

Mashable once again asked him, “My goal at a podcast is to make someone cry, so we’ll try to keep it going.” To which Panos replied, “Find something quiet, but please do not ask me about Phone.”

It seems he is probably tired of people asking him about the upcoming Windows Phone device from Microsoft. What do you think?

  • Windows user

    Whatever the case is i’m fucken sick of the rumours but equally how Microsoft are stringing us along – for months if not years. Microsoft: if you care about the platform, your existing customers and retention, then pull your finger out of your ass and give us something tangible to look forward to.

  • GoodThings2Life

    I think more likely is he can’t say anything about efforts in that area, so there’s no point in asking.

  • Rambone

    There is obviously no phone. Dont have hopes. Pointless. The writing is on the wall.

    • Milton Rosadilla

      The same he said about Surface Pro 5, he said that such device not exist.
      He says that not exist, because is not Surface Phone but Surface Mobile, or Note.. Or something else.

  • Rita

    If there were to be a phone, I do think Panos Panay would have verified it. After all, many Windows fans will have to turn to ios or android soon, as their phones are aging.

  • Mdanish Attari

    panos will unveiling surface note.

  • Jamie Brahm

    I could care less. Win10m is fine as it is, and the phones are good. The more important thing, is the plan to grow UWP for desktop, mobile, tablets, xbox, HoloLens, mixed reality. UWP is the important thing. Although I saw a twitter user point out code that exists in windows referring to a new dual screened device, it was live two weeks ago, now its gone. Something is brewing over there.

  • If there was no Surface Phone being worked on, Microsoft would have come out and said so. The company really doesn’t gain anything by allowing discussions about a fictitious product to continue. I think that there is some sort of communication device being developed by Microsoft.