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Surface Phone is Microsoft’s rumoured device that is supposed to create a new category and replace the smartphones. Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone for a while now. Many rumours have revealed that the Surface Phone is going to be a beast but the specification and the design of the device is still a mystery.

In a podcast with Mashable, Microsoft’s Panos Panay who is behind the success of Surface Devices requested them to not ask about the Surface Phone. The podcast is very interesting as Panos has discussed about his career at Microsoft, his relationship with Bil Gates and much more.

Mashable asked Panos, “So there is a Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Surface Hub, Surface laptop and the Surface Phone, too, right?” Panos laughed and told them, “My dearest is here, good work! The first five are correct. I can not quite remember the last one, though. ”

Mashable once again asked him, “My goal at a podcast is to make someone cry, so we’ll try to keep it going.” To which Panos replied, “Find something quiet, but please do not ask me about Phone.”

It seems he is probably tired of people asking him about the upcoming Windows Phone device from Microsoft. What do you think?

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