Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile
Image Courtesy: Recombu.com

Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile? Sounds interesting. We know that Windows 10 Mobile still has a bright future and the latest reports have revealed that Microsoft has some great plans for Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Microsoft has recently released Windows 10 Creators Update to 13 selected Windows Phones. Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update brought no new features or significant improvements to Windows Phones.

Windows 10 Mobile is receiving preview builds from feature2 branch, and it has already confirmed that the operating system is in maintenance mode. Recently, Brad Sams posted some details about Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 Mobile. Now the new report on Neowin has also revealed some interesting details.

Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile

The report has confirmed that Microsoft is testing a mobile device with new mobile experience. Microsoft is not going to improve the current interface of Windows 10 Mobile but the company is actually working on full Windows 10 OS for Mobiles with scaled UX. It will be done with new CSHELL, an ‘adaptive shell’ that scale Windows 10 to any form depending on the screen size of the device.

Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile will look a lot like Windows 10 Mobile but there will be some changes to action center, start screen and app list. Microsoft is already testing CSHELL Builds on Windows Phones, although it is in early stage of development.

Do you think Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile will bring Microsoft back to mobile business?

  • Mdanish Attari

    yes we like this people like this, many apps available that couldn’t on ios and android

  • PrideLand

    My guess is that Windows 10 on Mobile will actually be Windows 10 S on Mobile, but could be upgraded to a Windows 10 Pro on Mobile. That way the people that do not want a lot of programs on their smartphone (there are a lot of people like that), will not need the full OS, but advanced users or those with specific needs could easily unlock the full OS.

  • Amr Salah


  • The OS being scaled is fine, but you still lack apps and services fit for that device. And how many 32bit applications do you really want to run on mobile?

  • Pedro Weekes

    Right now the only main issue holding w10m back is it’s “non-working” state at the moment. People that bought any of the 950 series like me expected that with each OS update the device given its hardware specs would’ve been a hit but it was launched with a buggy OS that created further problems when update after update was released. The current OS production version of W10M should have been what the 950 line shipped with + better batteries. Then the adoption would have been greater from wp8.1 -> w10m which would have encouraged devs with apps and the updating of existing apps.

    So if MS can release a new iteration of this OS and device marriage that it functions on same level or beyond as any iPhone or Galaxy S device then those who left would be willing to give it a look see and those still on wp8.1, would be more than happy to upgrade.