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Microsoft is focusing on Android and iOS neglecting Windows Phone operating system. However, Windows Phone is still not dead for Microsoft and it has already been confirmed by Joe Belfiore, Satya Nadella and Dona Sarkar.

Microsoft has recently expressed that the company would like to have its services and apps available to users on all operating systems. Even if a user decide to choose a Android or iOS device over Windows Phone, they will be able to enjoy Office, Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote apps.

“We want to ensure that they still get a great ability to roam their information and data across all those different devices. So Microsoft has a great range of software that runs on other people’s platforms as well, that helps them interact with that device. The phrase we had on stage was ‘Windows loves all of your devices’,” Robert Epstein said.

Microsoft also clearly stated that the company is still committed to Windows 10 Mobile as a platform. Microsoft’s Robert confirmed that Windows 10 S is not going to replace Windows 10 Mobile by any means. Furthermore, it seems Microsoft is planning to improve the software and expecting other OEMs to make new devices.

At Build 2017 Developer Conference, Microsoft talked nothing about its plans for the future of Windows 10 Mobile. However, there was no specific reason to ignore Windows 10 Mobile, actually the company had nothing more to announce about Windows Phone at that time.

“We are absolutely committed to Windows 10 Mobile as a platform, but have nothing more to announce at the moment on that. As Satya has publicly stated, there’s no point doing another ‘me too’ platform. We need to be clear on what Windows can bring uniquely into the mobile space,” he said.

Microsoft’s employee on Twitter has recently confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile will receive new features and improvements later this summer for enterprise customers. Do you think Microsoft is still committed to Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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