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Microsoft is focusing on Android and iOS neglecting Windows Phone operating system. However, Windows Phone is still not dead for Microsoft and it has already been confirmed by Joe Belfiore, Satya Nadella and Dona Sarkar.

Microsoft has recently expressed that the company would like to have its services and apps available to users on all operating systems. Even if a user decide to choose a Android or iOS device over Windows Phone, they will be able to enjoy Office, Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote apps.

“We want to ensure that they still get a great ability to roam their information and data across all those different devices. So Microsoft has a great range of software that runs on other people’s platforms as well, that helps them interact with that device. The phrase we had on stage was ‘Windows loves all of your devices’,” Robert Epstein said.

Microsoft also clearly stated that the company is still committed to Windows 10 Mobile as a platform. Microsoft’s Robert confirmed that Windows 10 S is not going to replace Windows 10 Mobile by any means. Furthermore, it seems Microsoft is planning to improve the software and expecting other OEMs to make new devices.

At Build 2017 Developer Conference, Microsoft talked nothing about its plans for the future of Windows 10 Mobile. However, there was no specific reason to ignore Windows 10 Mobile, actually the company had nothing more to announce about Windows Phone at that time.

“We are absolutely committed to Windows 10 Mobile as a platform, but have nothing more to announce at the moment on that. As Satya has publicly stated, there’s no point doing another ‘me too’ platform. We need to be clear on what Windows can bring uniquely into the mobile space,” he said.

Microsoft’s employee on Twitter has recently confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile will receive new features and improvements later this summer for enterprise customers. Do you think Microsoft is still committed to Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

  • M Adams

    Lies!!! If they were really committed to the platform, there would be Windows mobile apps before android/ios. Fact is, not only do Windows apps not come out first, many either don’t exist or get pulled.

    • Matthew Lee

      Windows firstly release on other os because there is a bigger user base obviously which in turn brings them more revenue but personally I think windows should have pulled from android ages ago when google pulled you tube after all there would be more business users on windows mobile if this happened

      • M Adams

        I know that is the official line. But somewhere down the line they SHOULD show some loyalty to those of us who actually use their ecosystem! If they were strictly an outsider for all 3 OSs, then I could go along with the revenue. BUT, my point is they are NOT COMMITTED to the platform. If they were, they would support it. My feeling is that since it isn’t something that is ‘cloud first’, Nadella would just as soon bury it. I never saw any commitment from him.

  • Andy Quek

    “for enterprise customers”, nothing planned for the general consumers…

  • Dimitris Galanis

    This week’s articles are about windows phone being alive.Next week dead again.

  • vinneyk

    I’ve been committed to Windows Mobile because that’s been my device of choice but my 4yo Nokia Lumia Icon is ready to be retired. We need a device (Surface Phone???) that’s not locked into exclusivity with ATT! No statement can make up for that need.

  • Vijay

    The question is not whether Microsoft is committed to Windows mobile or not. It is all about third party developers being committed to the platform. I recently switched from Windows to Android phone platform because various banking and mobile wallet apps which I needed for my routine use were either not available on windows or had outdated versions which were not being updated.

  • Praxius

    In regards to W10M, it’s all talk and no action. They keep saying they’re committed and yet their actions (or lack there of) speak otherwise.

    If MS is indeed working on some unique things for Mobile why don’t they just tell us what the hell it is? It’s been a hell of a long time since we heard anything. I even remember when they said the CU was mostly focused on PC but the next Redstone update would be mostly for Mobile…. Yet here Mobile is pulled from Redstone and stuck on Feature 2 Maintenance Mode.

    Sure I wouldn’t expect MS to spill all their beans, but hell, they showed us sneak peeks at W10ARM and W10S…. Zero info on W10M.

    So is MS committed to W10M?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.