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Microsoft has recently announced the Windows 10 S version of operating system. Microsoft has designed the Windows 10 S for education market to target students who would like to carry a affordable Windows 10 Device. Windows 10 S will allow the OEMs to build cheap laptops which could offer good performance and various apps can be installed through Windows Store.

Windows 10 S is restricted to apps in the Windows Store just like the Windows RT. Microsoft has already launched laptops running Windows 10 S and has promised more devices which will cost as little as $189. The devices will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from the Windows Store at a minimal price and will have access to all apps from the Windows Store.

Many assumed that Windows 10 S will kill Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile operating system. However, in a new interview the UK Product Marketing Director for Windows has confirmed that Windows 10 S won’t kill Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, he made it clear that the company has no plan to replace Windows 10 Mobile.

Robert Epstein revealed that Microsoft is very committed to smartphones and there are already some devices available running on Windows 10 Mobile.

“We’re still committed to the Windows 10 Mobile platform – there are some devices out there today from HP, Acer and a couple of other partners,” said Epstein.

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