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There is some more bad news for Windows Phone users with one of the third largest business bank, Netherlands ABN AMRO Bank has decided to drop support for its Windows Phone app.

In an online message to its users the company explained that it could not support the features on its Windows Phone app and is therefore decided to cut off the app from the Windows Store.

The decided could well have been made based on the minimal users base that the Windows Phone platform currently holds in the market. Below is the Message translated in English which reads:

“Use our Mobile Banking app on Windows Phone? Unfortunately, the app will no longer be working from June 2017. We would like to explain why this is so. We constantly improve our app and regularly bring new updates. In the latest versions of the app we take account of new technical capabilities of iOS and Android. We can’t offer these features on Windows Phone. Therefore we have decided to stop the legacy app for Windows Phone.”

ABN AMRO is not the only app to drop support for Windows Phone, earlier HSBC France also decided to drop support along with some other major players who also decided to drop support all based on the minimal usage of the Windows Phone Platform by general users.

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