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Microsoft at its Build 2017 Conference yesterday held in Seattle, announced some big and significant changes and improvements coming to their Windows 10 IoT platform. The company would be bringing its biggest support to the Intel’s processor starting from Atom to Core i7.

The company has also announced support for Azure’s IoT Device Management which would provide highly scalable remote device management features along with bringing support for the upcoming Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service which makes it easier to provision a connected device via Azure IoT.

The company also announced support for Project “Rome” which will allow users to launch an app or communicate with an  app service on a remote device. Cortana, the Digital Assistant will now be integrated into the devices to get things done by completing tasks and interacting with users by using natural language.

Apart from announcing the IoT support the company also launched a newly designed Windows IoT website which will help developer create devices like next generation point of sale devices.