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Microsoft has already given up on its Windows Phone department. Majority of Windows Phones are Microsoft’s own Lumia devices and the company’s marketing strategy has killed the Lumia brand completely. Microsoft has never made money from Windows Phone and the company still expects negligible revenue from Windows Phone.

Microsoft is winding down Windows Phone at the end of June, 2017. The company has released the revenue report of Q1, 2017. In the report, Microsoft has stated that the company is expecting negligible revenue from Windows Phone. Microsoft has mentioned Windows Phone just once the during session.

“In Devices, we expect revenue to decline with negligible revenue from Phone,” Amy Hood said. It is obvious that the company won’t make money from Windows Phone as there wouldn’t be enough sale because there are no new Windows Phones.

IDC has recently revealed that the Windows Phone market share could drop to just 0.1 percent by 2020. Apparently, there are no new smartphones running on Windows Phone available in the market. Windows Phone fans had all hopes on the most-anticipated Surface Phone but it has been delayed as well.

Windows 10 Mobile may be in the maintenance mode for now, Windows 10 on ARM could be the future.

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