Image Courtesy: Windows

One of the most popular messaging service, WhatsApp is still receiving new updates for Windows Phones Devices. However, WhatsApp is built for Windows Phone 8.1 operating system and its performance on Windows 10 Mobile is not really good. In fact, on Windows Phone 8.1, WhatsApp face many issues like loading and resuming screens.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is out for a while now. Futhemore, Mirosoft has also released Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1 Devices. Many companies and developers have already upgraded their app to add support for Windows 10 with revamped design. Although, we are still waiting for Facebook to roll out a new update to WhatsApp with revamped design built for Windows 10. However, we have got some sad news for Windows Phone enthusiasts.

In an exclusive chat with WABetaInfo, we learned that WhatsApp has no plan for a new universal Windows 10 app. Futhermore, there wouldn’t be a new Windows 10 Mobile app built from scratch. However, the company will continue to focus on Windows Phone 8.1 and release new features for the app.

It is not a suprising move by WhatsApp. As there are more devices running on Windows Phone 8.1 than Windows 10 Mobile. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • AmericanbutEducated

    Love my 950XL, will keep using Whatsapp until they kill it.

  • Chris H

    WhatsApp has hundreds of millions of users, and must have massive development resources so it’s just lazy not to support a UWP. It’s not like they are a 3-man-and-a-dog company with 500 users and are stretched.

  • Fábio Radicchi Belotto

    Microsoft is expert in taking bad decisions over mobile segment….

  • Mikael1093

    So, we need more Windows 10 mobile devices!