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Alcatel is one of those OEMs who make Windows Phones and pretty decent ones too. Their latest offering, the flagship Idol 4S is really a beast of a phone. Sadly it was exclusive to the US.

But that is about to change. A recent report suggests that Alcatel will be bringing over the Idol 4S to Europe pretty soon and it will support all the bandwidths for network connections. For the specs, it sports a Snapdragon 820 quad core processor, 4GB of RAM and also boasts being the first Windows Phone to support VR. The phone also comes with a pre-installed VR app store and in US it is available with a VR headset too.

The device is expected to be available for sale around the second quarter of this year as revealed on their Social Media account. Will you be getting this device once it’s available near you?┬áDo tell us!

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