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As we all know that the Microsoft stopped Production of the Lumia. And now When Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL went out of stock in the USA, Microsoft now made another decision! Microsoft has now finally stopped selling other Lumia devices in the country and several other region.

According toe Neowin, people who inexplicably want to buy a Windows phone at the end of 2016 will find that Microsoft no longer offers them in the USA. Well not only that you will be prompted to buy another Windows 10 Mobile devices such as Acer M330 phones, or the HP Elite x3.

This isn’t limited only in the USA, in Ireland Microsoft is no longer selling ‘any’ Windows phones at all. In France, only the Microsoft Lumia 550 remains at a reduced price. Funny thing is on the UK store website, while all the Lumia devices are listed in the store, but clicking the individual entries, buyers are advised that the devices in question are now out of stock.

The fact is no more new Lumia. So far we are not so sure that the Microsoft would be getting back into the mobile market. But according to recent news about “Surface Phone” we are hoping that the company will come back in the mobile market by early 2018. But things could change any minute!

If Microsoft is still manufacturing Microsoft Lumia would you like to buy it? Which one? Let us know in a comment below.

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