WhatsApp for Windows 11 with view once

You can again use “view once” in WhatsApp for Windows 11 and macOS to send destructive media, but there’s a catch – this feature still doesn’t let you open the view once photos or videos. Additionally, WhatsApp for desktop now also supports chatting with unknown numbers, i.e. those not in your phone’s contact.

The ability to send “view once” photos or videos on WhatsApp was removed from the desktop apps in 2022 due to “privacy reasons”. Nearly a year later, Facebook has finally addressed the potential privacy concerns and is adding the feature to WhatsApp for Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS, and the web.

Facebook is rolling out “View once” for WhatsApp on desktop to everyone, and you don’t need to join the company’s beta program to try the feature. If you’re on version 2.2347.1.0 or newer, you should be able to click on the timer icon and share destructive media from your desktop.

Here’s how to send “view once” photos or videos using WhatsApp for Windows:

  1. In WhatsApp, click the attachment icon and select a photo or video you’d like to upload.
  2. In the caption box, look for a new time or stopwatch-like icon and click on it.

    WhatsApp View Once
    WhatsApp View Once | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com
  3. This will enable “view once” for the uploaded media, and you can click the “Send” button.

Unfortunately, viewing these restricted photos on desktops is still impossible, and it’s likely because you could find ways to save them before they disappear.

A diverse operating system like Windows allows complex background processes and services to run alongside an app like WhatsApp, which could intercept or record “destructive” media, like “View Once” photos or videos.

For example, you could use a Python script, an app or a virtual machine to record the private data. This is one of the many reasons why WhatsApp has no plans to unlock the full potential of view once, such as the ability to view destructive photos or videos with audio.

You can now chat with unknown phone numbers

In the latest update, WhatsApp is getting another new addition called “new chat with phone number”. As the name suggests, this new feature lets you open a chat with a phone number that’s not in your contacts.

WhatsApp chat with unknown number
WhatsApp chat with unknown number | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

As shown in the above screenshot, when you click the new “phone number” option, a dial pad that lets you enter the number will open. You can enter the number and initiate a conversation with strangers or someone not in your contacts.

WhatsApp has been actively working on new features for its desktop app, with the last major update adding support for screen sharing and more.

All these new features with unknown contact options are rolling out in the stable channel, and you can grab the update by heading to the Microsoft Store.

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