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Microsoft’s new design language called Fluent Design is already available in the existing versions of Windows 10, and most of the first party app supports it. Microsoft’s Fluent Design is supposed to revamp the look of Windows 10 with acrylic and the reveal effect in apps, features of the OS and other elements.

It’s no secret that this Fluent Design evolves at a slower pace than initially expected, and in fact, the popular third-party titles still don’t support the new design language system.

We have already seen concepts of the File Explorer with Fluent Design, and Microsoft’s Windows UI Twitter account recently published a video of Contoso business app envisioned with Fluent Design implementation. It’s truly changing the way the app looks on the operating system.

The demo uploaded by Microsoft on Twitter shows off the Contoso business app with the latest design elements from Fluent Design system. The blur effect let users peek at the desktop.

The concept does align with Microsoft’s vision for Windows 10, and it can be improved with further tweaks. Needless to say, implementing such a design is indeed possible, and as Microsoft is committed to Windows 10, we can expect more Fluent Design improvements in near future.

Fluent Design everywhere

Windows 10 April 2018 Update included new acrylic and the reveal effect, and the project will continue to evolve with next Windows 10 update Redstone 5, which should land in the fall of this year.

Microsoft knows exactly what the final version of Fluent Design should look like, and needless to say, the current version of the design is good enough for drooling.

As you can see in the video embedded above, the animation of the app is still smooth after a major facelift, and the colour acrylic background looks neat, thanks to the visual touches. We can expect similar changes in first-party apps well.

Microsoft is still working on Fluent Design, and the company is expected to revamp the interface of Windows 10 in the coming years. Microsoft at Build 2018 also announced the upcoming changes for Fluent Design.

Fluent Design is making both Windows 10 and the installed apps feel more modern. Sooner or later, the Fluent Design facelift should really gain a faster pace.

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