Windows 10 File Explorer
A concept of File Explorer

File Explorer is part of Windows operating system since the beginning and new Windows 10 release brought no major improvements. Microsoft has been working on improving the interface of all legacy applications, Control Panel, for example, has been migrated to Settings app which has Fluent Design.

It’s likely that a new File Explorer with tab interface and improved UI will be released to the Windows 10 users in the coming months or years, as these are among the top voted feedback from users. Microsoft is reportedly working on a touch-optimized version of the File Explorer, which is very likely to see daylight with the release of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in April.

A designer couldn’t wait for Microsoft to revamp the File Explorer experience. On Reddit, the designer has shared screenshots of a conceptual File Explorer with Fluent Design. The concept of File Explorer can be seen above, it has a design that looks similar to Microsoft Edge and Sets’ tabbed-based interface.┬áThe design also focuses on Fluent Design and the new sidebar.

If Microsoft go for a fully modern design File Explorer, it might look like the above concept. This concept uses the elements from the Fluent Design system with blur and transparency that makes it look stunning and more like the Microsoft Edge visual makeover.

While the new conceptual File Explorer looks great, there’s a little chance to see this design embraced for Windows. We can expect a new File Explorer with Windows Core OS, so Microsoft has plenty of time for a dramatic overhaul.

Microsoft is currently working on Redstone 4 update, projected to launch in April. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will start working on updates that would fix bugs in the next Windows 10 release, there’s no chance of the new version of File Explorer in the operating system.

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