Lumia 950 with Windows 10 ARM
Image Courtesy: Ben

Microsoft is not developing Windows Phone platform anymore and the company a while ago confirmed there’ll be no miraculous Windows 10 Mobile revivals. Needless to say, you might be already tired of hearing again and again that Windows 10 Mobile is dead. While Microsoft is no longer interested in its own mobile platform, the developers and enthusiasts don’t want to give up on Lumia phones just yet.

If you don’t want to give up on your Lumia phones just yet, but you’re willing to experiment, then we have a good news for you. Skilled developers in the Windows Phone community have successfully ported the Windows 10 on ARM project to the Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL, after testing it on an unreleased Lumia Hapanero.

It’s been a while since the developers started searching for a way to install full Windows 10 ARM on Lumia phones and it appears that development is finally advancing. A video posted by Ben shows the first setup experience screen of Windows 10 running on a Lumia 950 XL.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft hasn’t optimized the Windows 10 on ARM operating system for small screen devices such as the Lumia 950, the company’s last Windows 10 Mobile flagship that launched in late 2015.

While the project sounds interesting, it’s not feasible in the long term as full Windows 10 on Lumia has several limitations. Windows 10 ARM on a Lumia phone is certainly not a feasible project due to lack of drivers and Microsoft’s involvement. In the long run, it’s nearly impossible to make Lumia 950 with full Windows 10 a daily driver.

The developers are trying to run the operating system with supported or ported drivers, and they might be also planning for active development of new features. Ben has confirmed that the Windows 10 ARM is limited to select phones, it won’t work on Windows Phones like Lumia 650.

A couple of months ago, the developers also managed to run Windows RT on some Lumia phones with support for most of the necessary features. The developers are also experimenting with Android on Lumia project and a new update is expected in the coming months.

While Windows 10 Mobile is heading towards its last months of support and phones will stop receiving security patches in late 2019, Microsoft is believed to be working on a new mobile device that would run Windows Core OS on ARM architecture out of the box. Such a device is currently referred to as Andromeda and launch might take place later this year.

  • Scott M

    The magical “Andromeda” device sounds fantastic…. BUT… if MS cannot get software companies to build windows versions of their apps, it will not replace android or iOS devices. I had to go buy an android tablet just to set up the smart outlets and security cameras that I bought – you cannot set them up on Windows – nor can you even use them from windows because neither company has plans to build windows apps. There is a 3rd party app that lets me turn the outlets on and off, and the camera company has a web app to view them – but it doesn’t run on Win10 Mobile. So pretty soon I’m going be investing in an Android phone (I refuse to buy into iOS) and any future phone from Microsoft is out of the question until software companies change or a windows device runs android apps.

    • I have tried running Android under BlueStacks on Windows 10 with some success.

  • Uncommon_Tater

    I’ll say it again, we need to figure out how to get Windows on ARM to run on handsets that come pre-installed with Android. That’s the only way forward.

  • Shoket Ali

    My suggestion is Microsoft marge with Linux Microsoft feature is dead

  • Iain Simpson

    hopefully he is using an rs5 build of windows arm, cause that has the mobile stack included once again.

  • Gn Re

    What nonsense. One should better use time for hiking eg.

  • Jonathan Blackwell

    This article didn’t age well as the drivers are working