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Despite Microsoft’s mobile platform is dead, today yet another Windows 10 Mobile concept is making rounds on the internet. The new Windows 10 Mobile concept imagines the operating system with Fluent Design and some necessary design changes which obviously looks stunning.

Though we have enough of concepts already, this new concept of Windows 10 Mobile focuses on the Fluent Design. The new translucency-heavy Fluent Design System was announced by Microsoft last year, the blur and translucency effect in Windows 10 Mobile makes it look absolutely gorgeous.

The concept also reflects the changes Microsoft is planning to introduce with Windows Core OS. CShell, also referred to as Composable Shell is supposed to bring the UI from Windows 10 desktop to small-form-factor devices. Windows Core OS and CShell aim to provide the same look, feel and features for all users.

“This project is my reimagination of one of the greatest piece of software ever. It is a mixture of fundamentals that came to life in 2010 and today’s standards in graphic and interface design,” the designer said.

The Start Screen is consist of Wallpaper, Tiles, Images and on-screen navigation. The Start Screen has got a Clock tile from HTC Windows Phones, and the acrylic effect is noticeable on tiles, adopted from the Fluent Design system.

The Action Center replaces Cortana search button in this concept, the Action Center can be accessed from the taskbar or navigation bar, and it resembles the look of Windows 10 desktop Action Center with Fluent Design. On Action Center, Certain widgets like Groove Music comes with music controls, similar to Android Oreo.

Start Screen also supports 3D touch, similar to the sensitive widgets of Android and iPhone. “Imagine Windows phone with force sensitive screens as we see on some Android and iPhone devices. Design of shortcuts that appear after you hand press tile is inspired by Microsoft project McLaren,” the designer added.

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