Surface Phone OS

Surface Phone, codenamed Surface Andromeda will be powered by Microsoft’s new operating system ‘Windows Core OS’. The Windows Core OS could bring much-needed features to the ultimate mobile device ‘Surface Phone’. So far we know that Windows Core is a modular and universal OS, now it appears that the new OS is actually much more than an improved version of Windows 10 for mobile.

A reliable Italian blog has detailed the Windows Core from their sources, revealing the features of the new modular OS that will power the Surface Phone. In this article, we will understand Surface Phone’s Windows Core OS in detail.

Windows is a layered design operating system that consists of two main components called user mode and kernel mode, the kernel is responsible for connecting the hardware and the operating system. Today, Mobile, PC and Xbox One have a different version of Windows 10. The Composable Shell (CShell) that runs on the top of Windows Core OS plays a major role here, it makes the kernel and the basic Windows libraries independent of the architectures, this helps Windows 10 to run on mobile, PC and Xbox One without making major changes.

The Composable Shell (CShell) is written with UWP API and Microsoft is no longer required to release a different version of Windows 10 for Mobile, Xbox as it will automatically change its interface and fit in any screen size devices such as mobile. The best part of the interface is that it won’t be dependent on a specific hardware.

There are many CShell composers and one of them is Andromeda, the mobile composer. Microsoft is internally testing a mobile device codenamed Surface Andromeda and it might be unveiled as the Surface Phone or something completely different.

It is worth that Windows Core OS supports Win32 applications ported using the Project Centennial and if Microsoft wants, the Surface Phone will be able to run the Win32 applications. Project Centennial could play a major role in the Universal Windows Platform if the mobile devices also support the ported applications.

The Windows Core OS is coming to mobile devices by mid of 2018 and it will be launched for PCs in 2019 with Redstone 6 update. As the Windows Core OS is still being developed, we will soon learn more about the new modular operating system. Microsoft and its OEM partners are working on mobile devices with Windows Core OS and it is rumoured to arrive next year.

  • Mdanish Attari

    Very Nice Post, our dream will be in 2018.

  • Gary

    Battery life?

    • Joseph


      • Gary

        And divide that by 2?

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  • Mboe

    Any one with a time machine??? Can’t wait for 2018

  • Øystein Bakke

    The big question is: If, or when this is released, will there be anyone lett who cares? Really? Would YOU be interested in a new reboot of Windows handheld computers when you know deep down that Nadella has abandoned you already?

    • Shaun565

      Well they changed the game with surface tablets. I would use one of those over a limited Android or Apple mobile tablet any day. I guess we’ll see. I’m not brand loyal. I just want what offers me the best experience.

    • d0x360

      He abandoned Balmers phones. These are 100% his, he has the final say and he is more in touch with people than Balmer was by the time he took over

  • Munchy

    It doesn’t mater if they release the best phone ever if it doesn’t have the apps and software I the os then it’ll fail. I love Windows Live tiles. And it’s integrated style. To me it’s years ahead of the competition but Microsoft still doesn’t have that speakerphone option that gestures gave 8.1 mobile 3 years ago and I’m fed up with reboots and limiting OneDrive space, but if they had all these things and all the apps Android has I’d defo try again but for me Microsoft would. Have to already be astablished in the mobile space for several years and promise to support my phone for its life time. 3 years is not good enough when a product cost 450 UK pounds. I don’t think they are capable of doing any of this even o desktop they keep taking features away only to return them years later and force feeding me edge is adding to my dislike of Microsoft too. Let me open my new tabs in a browser to my choice of home page. After all it’s my computer and I should be able. To use it how I want.

    • dyeyourcarpet

      I believe they’re going to Market this as a mobile Windows platform that also makes phone calls not a phone that runs windows if this is the case and we can run x86 applications and we can run our Android emulator native from our phone but that’s just a wet dream.

  • The silence concerning the future of mobile devices from Microsoft has made it hard for adopters to remain true to any Windows mobile platform.

    Compounding the situation is the decision by Microsoft to dismantle it’s group of CDMA coders as a part of the “retrenchment” strategy.

    For years, the only CDMA Windows mobile phone was the Lumia 735 on Verizon Wireless. With the retirement of the Lumia product line, the only hope that VZW customers have for a new high end Windows mobile device is the reports that HP has a Verizon Wireless version of the Elite X3 ready to go sometime this month.

    While limiting new Windows mobile devices to GSM carriers may have saved money up front, the lack of new hardware being made available for customers of Verizon Wireless, Sprint and US Cellular isn’t going to help win people over once Microsoft and other third-party OEMs start to roll out Andromeda hardware.

  • Pablo HP

    Microsoft has committed serious strategy errors with Windows mobile, among them to launch more upgraded applications, first, on the competing platform. Her strategy made people migrate to other platforms. And I’m sure they knew it and did it on purpose.

    • d0x360

      They did because they make more money on Android than google does. They basically killed what we know as win mobile but hopefully this new version will be good and people will make apps that actually work

      • Pablo HP

        It was what I expected with Windows Mobile, while maintaining the current strategy, no Microsoft smartphone will take off.

        • d0x360

          We will see. Believe me I’m skeptical, very much so but I hope they pull it off because I’m sick of Google’s practice’s. I’ve started checking what info just google is sending out of an Android phone with adguard and fireshark and it’s not good…

        • d0x360

          Windows mobile was doomed from the start. Hopefully surface phone is something different and a good alternative to the current options

          Get Outlook for Android

  • Pablo HP

    retrenchment strategy, this is what they are doing until now.

  • d0x360

    If the GUI is good and app makers actually make things for it then I might switch from my pixel xl. I kind of want out of the Google eco system but I hated previous windows phones and I refuse to use an iPhone. Apple shares all user data with the Chinese government…wtf apple! Even without that horrible news I don’t like the iPhone so fingers crossed here that this is a good os with a good design.

  • LamiaLove

    You lying sack of shit.

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    Don’t break my expectation again Microsoft.