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While Microsoft is tight-lipped about the foldable Andromeda (Surface Phone) release, Samsung showed its foldable phone in private at CES 2018. Microsoft has been working on Andromeda (also known as Surface Phone on the web) for a while now, the company is still committed to such a project with several patents spotted online last year. While the long-rumoured Surface Phone remains a mythical device and dream of Windows Phone fans, Samsung appears to be accelerating the development of Galaxy X.

Not only Microsoft, but Samsung is also working on a foldable phone called ‘Galaxy X’. The foldable Samsung phone has been demonstrated at CES 2018, with Samsung showing off the phone’s features and design.

According to a report, Samsung’s foldable phone might feature a 7.3-inch OLED display, and the company have showed¬†in-folding and out-folding smartphone designs. One of the latest reports also confirmed that the production of Samsung’s foldable phone Galaxy X could begin later this year.

The South Korean company has already decided the specifications and rollout plans for its foldable phone. A report from The Investor also indicates that the phone’s display will be ready by March. The Samsung Galaxy X could be a rival to the Microsoft’s Andromeda though it’s still quite early to speculate as Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the existence of the foldable phone project.

Microsoft’s Andromeda (Surface Phone) will use a hinge to fold the body by seamlessly connecting two displays. Microsoft has been exploring several form factors for the rumoured device, including phone, tablet and laptop form factors.

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