Surface Phone design

We are seeing the reports and patents of the most eagerly anticipated products ever developed by Microsoft ‘Surface Phone’ codenamed Andromeda almost every month. The ultimate foldable mobile device powered by Windows 10 is supposed to arrive later this year, and today yet another patent points at camera tech in Surface Phone (Andromeda). The foldable phone-tablet could keep the company’s Windows 10 on Mobile project alive.

There’s a good chance that a future Microsoft Surface branded mobile-type device wouldn’t be powered by Windows 10 Mobile OS and the device will create a new category of mobile-tablet devices in foldable form factor. The patents are living proof the company is exploring new form factor devices.

A new patent for Microsoft’s foldable phone/tablet has been published by USPTO and it shows a device with impressive camera tech. The patent is concerned with the camera design in a foldable device, the patent deals with implementation of the camera unit in a thin foldable body.


Surface Phone camera split

The “SPLIT-CAMERA AUTOALIGNMENT” patent describes the use of one camera unit divided into two different part. Components of the camera are in both parts of the foldable device. Whether the device is in tablet or phone form, the camera will continue to function without compromising with the picture quality.


Surface Phone patent

“FLOATING CAMERA MODULE” patent, on the other hand, describes an approach where the camera unit would float, meaning that the camera unit will work regardless of the form factor, and there won’t be any camera bump.


Surface Phone cam

Yet another patent “RETRACTABLE CAMERA CAP” shows an advanced tech where the camera will be inside the body with a cap covering the surface. “The example electronic device further includes a camera extending from the first inner face, and a cap on the second inner face and in alignment with the camera in the folded configuration, the cap configured to retract from the second inner face in the folded configuration to accommodate extension of the camera from the first inner face” the company explained.

Surface Phone camera design

Patents of Microsoft’s foldable phone ‘Surface Phone’ keeps making the headlines. One of latest patent detailed how the foldable design on a mobile-type device could be achieved, the patents have already detailed that a device featuring two foldable screens connected with a hinge is in works.

As with every other patent, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the ultimate mobile device will be unveiled with the new camera tech. What do you think about this new patented foldable mobile device? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • CodeMonkey01

    awesome… i need to see the sky right now…

  • barry

    I really cant wait. Microsoft will emerge as better hardware than apple.

  • Alfred Soyemi

    Imagine if they can make custom AMD SoC like they did for their consoles, or SD custom SoC with AMD GPU, I say this because in spite of its allegedly good design, foldability, slim, new category with features etc etc, it MUST pack a PUNCH processing power wise and have ALWAYS ON feature plus good battery life, I do not see standard SD835 or SD845 with Qualcomm graphics carrying any punch.
    It really needs to hit it out of the pack.

    • ⏹ Scorpio

      Alfred, 845 is really strong. If they give it max amount of cores and frequency I don’t think it is going to suck. After all we have to remember it is pocket device – it won’t run Crysis 3 ;-)