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Spotify has never been one of the strong supporters of the Windows ecosystem. Their Windows Phone app is nothing short of a disappointment and their Windows app is equally bad. But that could change soon.

According to an app review response from Spotify, it looks like they are ramping up their investment in Windows 10. Their Windows 10 app though not being a true UWP app, still supports Live Tile and Cortana integration. The app is only available on Windows 10 PCs, with Mobile still having the pathetic old app and Xbox having a completely different app.

With Microsoft killing off Groove Music, Spotify has taken to further honing their apps on Windows 10. Seldom do App developers respond to app review, and when they do, it’s generally something generic. Spotify’s response, however, shows that they are really devoted. They promise that they’ll continue developing the apps as we speculated, and will maintain the current apps.

With the good news being done, let’s come to the bad news. The Windows Phone app, it seems, has reached end of development. There’s no true UWP planned for all Windows 10 devices so Mobile is left out again. If music streaming is really important for you, Windows Phone is no longer a good choice.

Download the Spotify app for Windows from the link below,

Spotify for Windows 10

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