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Microsoft has given up on Groove Music streaming service and partnered with Spotify to offer the best music streaming experience on Windows 10 devices. As Microsoft and Spotify have tightened the relationship, the app based on Universal Windows Platform may be coming to the Windows Store.

Microsoft and Spotify are in a partnership for a while, earlier this year Redmond giant helped Spotify to launch the Project Centennial app on the Windows Store. However, the Project Centennial app works only on the desktop.

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman has confirmed that Spotify is also coming to HoloLens (Windows Mixed Reality headsets) and it would be a UWP app. The current Spotify app for Xbox One is actually based on UWP as it can be also installed on PCs but the app needs to be modified to run on Windows Mixed Reality.

As it is a UWP app, Spotify should also work on Windows Phones and Windows Mixed Reality headsets with little modifications. “Pandora and iHeartRadio work great! Spotify is coming soon also. It’s already a UWP… that’s how you get it on Xbox today. We have testing to do on Mixed Reality. But it’ll be there soon enough,” Microsoft’s Alex Kipman said.

After testing it on Windows Mixed Reality, Spotify UWP app may be also coming for Windows Phone and PC. As of right now, Spotify has three apps for Windows 10 PCs, Windows Phone and Xbox One respectively. If the company launches a proper UWP app, it would work across all devices.

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