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Back in 2015, former Chief Executive Steve Ballmer claimed that only Microsoft represents serious competition for Apple hardware. While Microsoft’s mobile business is dead, the company is still serious about its Surface lineup and considers the devices as the ultimate laptop. The Creative Strategies surveyed 1300 US consumers about their favourite PC brand in work and personal preferences.

While the industry claims that PC is dead, but when we talk about productivity, 81% of Americans prefer notebook as their primary device. Users between 18 and 35 years old prefer a notebook or a desktop while 14% users prefer the device they have at the time.

Now as 2-in-1 devices are growing, 21% of cunsomers are using a Surface Pro or iPad Pro. Furthermore, 17% consumers are planning to get a Surface Pro while only 14% consumers are interested in iPad Pro. The young tech adopters are seeing the two brands equally, 52% of the consumer considers Microsoft Surface as the best device, while only 38% of them are interested in Apple products.

People firmly believe that Microsoft Surface is not only for the enterprises. 21% consumers believe that Surface Devices are best match for Windows, while 18% consumers believe that Surface and Windows are optimised for each other. On the other, 16% of cunsomers believe that Surface devices are expensive.

Some consumers (36%) finds that Surface device creates a new category, it is a differentiator. 36% of Apple users believes that Surface products are best for Windows 10. On the other hand, 49% consumers find Surface as the best device for productivity. While 45% consumers find Apple devices are good for creativity.

If Microsoft continues to improve the Surface devices with future of updates of Windows 10, more and more users will prefer the Microsoft Surface products over Apple products.

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