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Announced back in 2014, Windows Phone 8.1 is still on 73.8 percent of devices. AdDuplex October 2017 report has finally revealed the market share of each version of Windows Phone. The report also claims that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is on over 5.3% of PCs and Tablets.

AdDuplex statistics revealed that over 73.8 percent active Windows Phones are still running Windows Phone 8.1 operating system which is not surprising as Microsoft abandons old Lumia phones with every Windows 10 Mobile release. On the other hand, Windows Phone 8.0 is on 4.1 percent while Windows Phone 7.x is on just 1.2 percent of devices.

AdDuplex notes that the change in overall Windows Phone OS version is negligible. In the analysis, the firm also claims that the top ten Windows Phones won’t be running the latest versions of Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Microsoft Lumia 535 and 640 are still the most popular Windows Phones.

Joe Belfiore recently confirmed that Microsoft is not going to add any new features to Windows 10 Mobile and it will also drop support for some old phones next year. It is likely that in the coming months, a lot of users will abandon the Windows Phone 8.1 platform Android and iOS operating systems.

As we noted above, more and more users are upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10 on PCs. The Fall Creators Update is already on 5.3% of PCs while around 17% of Windows 10 users still use the Anniversary Update.

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