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The Redmond-based company made it clear back in 2015 that the company had no plan to bring Microsoft Edge browser to Android and iOS platforms. Later in 2016, Microsoft employee hinted that Edge might arrive on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Today, a new report claims that Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS is coming by end of this year.

If the rumours are believed to be true, Microsoft Edge will be launched for Android and iOS later this year. Sources have revealed to a French tech site FrAndroid that Microsoft finally wants to expand the Edge browser to Android and iOS. It makes sense as most of the Windows 10 PC users have Android or iOS as Windows 10 Mobile is no longer being developed.

Unlike Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge has a modern interface on Windows 10 and as well as Cortana integration. The Microsoft Edge browser should have a interface similar to Windows 10 Mobile on Android or iOS, as it is user-friendly and even Google is copying Microsoft Edge UI from Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Edge is still not popular despite being widely promoted by the company. As a result, Microsoft is looking for ways to popularize the browser as it would help the Bing search engine and as well the digital assistant Cortana.

Just like the Windows Insider program, Microsoft is also planning to launch Edge Insider Program. The Edge Insiders will be able to test the browser’s feature before the public release and this would help the company to shape its Edge browser on Android and iOS where the Microsoft is already having Skype Insider program.

  • Jens

    Another sublime move.
    On Windows 10 Edge can only be updated with a new OS milestone, yet on the OS-es of the competition it will simply sit in the store and thus will be regularly updated. Maybe Satya should really ditch Windows itself.
    Please please please bring Steve B back.


  • Kunal Nanda

    I can see MS slowly losing the Consumer market.
    Windows 8
    Windows 10 Mobile
    Now, Edge.

    How long can they expect Windows 10 to maintain its competitive edge over iOS and Android?

    Windows S is a disaster in the making. It will be ditched soon. The apps are just not there to make it usable.

    This coming from a person who has reluctantly bought an Android phone a month ago after being with Windows 8/10 since Nokia 920 was released.

    From my perspective Microsoft is behaving like a teenager – serious commitment issues.