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A lot of Windows Insiders (on the Fast Ring) are not able to access the Windows Store. The bug has nothing to with app update or download issue as it appears to be a server-side problem affecting both Windows 10 Mobile and PC users.

When you will open the Windows Store, you will receive an error “Something bad happened, unknown layout specified in manifest”, the error is written in yellow colour. The Windows Store is completely broken and restarting the device won’t help.

Microsoft is however already aware of the issue and it is being actively investigated. Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar was able to find a solution that is to reset Windows Store and it should work fine. However, Windows 10 Mobile users cannot reset any app and as a result, you cannot browse the Windows Store on your Windows Phone until Microsoft rolls out the fix.

As Microsoft is already aware of the bug, the fix is expected to be released in the coming hours. Is Windows Store working on your Windows Phone or PC? Let us know in the comments below.

  • ObiwanRei

    No, it still is not working….

  • Anthony

    I just got this problem for the first time after upgrading from 16299 to 16299.15 on Fast Ring. Unclear on weather these are related or not..

    • Mauleque Agostinho Bando

      It’s the same thing for me, a few days ago want I tried to upgrade my windows.

  • Peter

    No problem here…

  • Mauleque Agostinho Bando

    I have this problem and now I’vent sapp, I dont know what do… I try to download in appfun but isnt work

  • Mauleque Agostinho Bando

    So when this problem gonne fixed?

  • Felix Hinrichs

    got this error on win 10 pro x64 1703 15063.632 (public release, no insider update)
    If i search for “store” its not found, but its listed in the all aps list

  • ObiwanRei

    I got a “temporary” solution — I change the region to USA and time zone to Eastern Time (USA and Canada) and voila… MS Store is working.. I was able to download and install Torrex Lite..just now.